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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Wow It's the Weekend

It's amazing to me how quickly this week went.

On Thursday morning I got up early again and had a shower. I'd love to get that to be a regular routine item. I got ready and got Carter and Cooper fed and dressed and got myself dressed. It was five to eight and I just had to get them in their snowsuits and head out. Cooper powerpuked. The good news is it wasn't on me. The bad news is, it was on the living room carpet and on his own clothes. The outfit I found for him to wear that was both clean and cute. I changed his clothes and got the boys in their winter gear and we headed out. It has really gotten cold lately. I need to find an extension cord to plug in the Jeep at work.

Work went well - the days are flying by. I have plenty to keep me busy and I'm trying to stay on top of all my projects and so far I'm managing to keep my inbox empty or close to it at the end of the day. Kelly usually travels out of town on Thursdays, but because of the massive dump of snow we got on Wednesday afternoon and Wednesday night, she stayed in the office to do paperwork instead of traveling in the crappy weather. We went out for lunch again too - two days in a row to the Lodge - a nice treat!

I went to pick up the boys after work and Cooper had had a massive explosion again in the poop department. My poor sitter! She said she was getting sick from the smell and even Carter was gagging. Yikes. I fed the boys supper when we got home; whatever I could get Cooper to eat, which wasn't much. Carter did well. Thank God he doesn't have the same bug Cooper has and I pray he doesn't get it. Carter had so many ailments back when he went to daycare; maybe he's already had this one.

We were out of baby cereal, and since it seems to be Cooper's main staple these days, I had to do a Wal-Mart run. They have a big clearance sale on this week and I found some great deals on clothes for the boys. There was hardly anything for Cooper, but I got him a shirt for two bucks. For Carter I got a pair of pajamas for five bucks, and the shirt from them is a really nice fleece one that I'll use as a shirt instead of pajamas. I also got him a couple pairs of nice cords, four bucks each. A couple shirts for two bucks. So for about thirty bucks I picked up seven items. Not bad. Luckily I remembered what the mission was, and I grabbed baby cereal and baby food.

Cooper seemed okay for the rest of the evening but it's plain to see that he's not himself. He barely eats and if he does it's just warm baby cereal. Since I'm terrified he'll get dehydrated, I give him his usual milk and some warm water to drink all the time. He doesn't like water much, so I put some gripe water in the water for flavour and he sucks it back. So hopefully it helps his tummy at the same time.

PLUS, his tooth is really visible now. His front right top tooth is showing it's jagged little edge through his gums. Poor kid has multiple issues; when he cries I have no idea which thing is bothering him so I try to comfort everything at once.

Yesterday I actually managed to get us all out of here with time to get to work and get a parking space with a plug-in. But unfortunately the extension cord that Chris had put in the Jeep for me the night before was the very same one he used to plug the Jeep in for me that morning. So when I unplugged it, I didn't bring it because I remembered seeing a cord inside the Jeep on my Wal-Mart trip. Oh well. It was bloody cold out but the Jeep started no problem at lunchtime. I was covering the office lunch hour, so my lunch was one o'clock. One of the girls went out and picked up lunch from Subway and offered to bring me something, but I'd planned to run errands and bring some lunch to Chris. But she brought me a nice bowl of soup anyway. Chicken with wild and white rice. It was warm and delicious. Mom called me to invite me out for lunch with her and Dad. At the Lodge. Three days in a row! heehee. They treated me to a lovely lunch. I had the special, which was an open-faced chicken sandwich on toasted French bread with bacon, tomato, and cheese. Kind of a club sandwich along with a salad. It was awesome. And since I had the later lunch hour, they got there ahead of me and ordered for me so it was ready when I arrived. I had plenty of time to have a visit and lunch and bring something to Chris and stop by the bank to get money to pay the sitter for the week.

Chris worked later than usual and had been working out in the cold for most of the day. He came home and shoveled the driveway (again) because the grader had finally gone by and made a huge bank in the morning. Carter was watching him and was begging to go outside. It was sooooooooo cold but I figured he could have a few minutes out there while Chris was shoveling. Trouble is, he had so much fun since we never go out and play, that he didn't want to come in. There is hardly a spot in the yard now where the snow hasn't been touched. Chris and Carter took turns pulling each other in the sled. That was cute. I ran outside to take a picture and I'll post it here as soon as I pull it off the camera.

Cooper was very fussy and inconsolable for quite awhile. Chris went out for coffee with Greg and by the time he returned, Cooper was finally asleep. Carter went to sleep on the living room floor shortly after Chris came home. I was bushed, so I fell asleep on the couch. With Cooper being out of sorts and still sleeping in the living room, I've slept a couple nights on the couch so I could keep a close eye and ear on him.

This morning he was having a rough time as soon as he woke up. I fed him, changed him, gave him milk and water and he just screamed and screamed. I gave him some Tylenol and after awhile it seemed to calm and comfort him. Poor little guy. Now he seems quite happy to go around and play. I have a bit of a headache but I'm going to find some breakfast and get my butt in gear and do some cleaning since Cooper is happy for the moment.


Blogger Angie said...

You have had the most fun weeks (wink, wink) since going back to work of anyone I know.

I really hope that little buckethead gets over whatever is bugging him.

You'll look back on these Cooper-pooper moments and laugh. I promise you will!

Glad you're enjoying a fun weekend!


Saturday, January 13, 2007 2:16:00 p.m.  

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