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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Lost and (Thank God) Found

My dear sweet son Carter has been visiting the principal's office a couple times lately...including today and yesterday. He has this thing where he's hitting his classmates (much like he does with his brother at home, I'm gathering.) He's impulsive when he does this and other things and the teacher has been trying to find a way to punish him that gets through to him. Time-outs = not effective. Principal's office = getting more effective! At first she thought sending him might be of consequence to him. The second or third visit had more impact.

Plus he's 'grounded' at home as a result; the word 'grounded' has great impact. That and the threat of Santa skipping our house altogether if things don't shape up!

Yesterday after supper I went to the store to get Carter some new pajamas for pajama day at school (which is tomorrow). I grabbed a pair for Cooper too so he wouldn't feel left out and he'll wear them to the babysitter's house. I also picked up some ichiban noodles for my oriental salad to bring to Christmas dinner. When I reached the till I realized I couldn't locate my wallet. Thankfully I had enough cash and was on my way. I madly started searching every little pocket of my purse (the wallet is small and so is the purse). Couldn't find it. I phoned home and Chris started searching for it. I was trying to retrace my steps but my memory was hazy on the last time I'd used it.

I got home and searched and made a couple phone calls. I figured I must have left it in Kelly's vehicle on Bingo night. I determined the last time I had it I was with her. So I tried calling her at home. Nope. Not home. I tried calling her cell. Nope. I was freaked out thinking I'd lost it at Bingo or something and was dying since I couldn't reach her, particularly frustrating since I almost always know where she is! Obsess much? Yes, I was. Kelly called me at nine-thirty when she received my message. She had been at her son's school concert and looked in her vehicle for me immediately and FOUND my wallet. Whew! I was so thankful and excited I drove over immediately to pick it up. I still needed to do the shopping I was intending to do at Wal-Mart. Milk, bread, etc. and even a couple more Christmas presents. I'm getting there slowly.

I came home and was very tired, likely from the stress of thinking I'd lost my wallet. Kelly said it looked like it wanted to fall out of the pouch on her door where she found it. Lucky me! And thanks again Kelly! Whew!


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