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Sunday, December 16, 2007

My Own Personal Plague

Well I'm well into week four of this rotten cold. The cough migrated into a head cold, which was actually a welcome change, though the cough started to yield some hideous stuff. Then yesterday morning the cough subsided into a sore throat. It still sucks to be sick but change is good.

Friday after work the carpet cleaners arrived at the office. I picked up the boys from the sitter and went back to the office. Chris picked up Cooper after work and I stayed at the office with Carter while the carpets were being cleaned. Carter had some fun playing with the toys and games the speech pathologists use for their clients. I made a note to tell Santa about a couple of them. Ants in the Pants was my favourite.

Yesterday afternoon we got Stephanie to come over to babysit so we could start our Christmas shopping. Together. Imagine that! We figured a couple hours would give us a good running start at it. First we went to Canadian Tire. Chris received a gift card for Christmas from work. He bought a cordless drill he's been wanting, and since it was on sale we were able to use the gift card for a couple other items. One was a jiffy rink, so Chris can build a skating rink (roughly the size of our living room) in the back yard for the kids. Unfortunately, our garden hose didn't get properly winterized (stored indoors) and is currently frozen to the bottom of the boat outside. ::sigh::

Our next stop for shopping was the zoo. The Wal-Mart Zoo. Lordy. We walked in and the nice greeter lady usually has a string of carts lined up as soon as you come in the door. We got the last one. I told Chris I would find him and I doubled back to the photo centre. I found a cheap digital camera I contemplated getting for Carter, but if I get him one I want to get him a 'real' one and they're a bit more expensive. Perhaps for his birthday.

I headed for the automotive department and promptly located my husband. I grabbed two jugs of windshield washer fluid and headed down the aisle toward Chris. I looked in the cart, and he had already grabbed two jugs of windshield washer fluid. Great minds think alike, I guess! We tried to work our way down the list of people we are buying for, and while we're not finished by any means, we did get a good start. The 'fun' part was the checkout. I looked for my favourite cashier and found her. Then Chris decided he wanted to look for a garden hose. In the frigid middle of winter. But he didn't feel like walking across to the opposite corner of the store. So he volunteered me to do that. I went back to the houseware department and asked if they still had such stock in this weather, and they suggested I check the plants department. I found a bunch of leftover sprinklers and even a hose! Y'know, the kind of hose with all the HOLES IN IT for watering grass. Back to the drawing board.

I went back to the checkout to find that Chris had moved forward about four feet. Things moved fairly quickly after that and we were outta there. We did a quick drive-by for Kelly and Doug and came home. Both boys were asleep. We left all the stuff outside figuring the boys would be nosy. The babysitter was picked up. Chris's brother arrived in town the other day and Chris picked him up for a visit. I ordered pizza and Caesar salad and cinnaparts for supper. While we ate my parents stopped by to visit on their way between dinner out and a concert. We had a fun visit and the boys were thrilled when Grandpa gave them swing rides in this storage bin (that they've been playing in since the Christmas decorations were taken out of it).

Picture them in a few years on a roller coaster doing this. Yikes.

The 'Rents

After Mom and Dad left Carter was already winding down. He wanted to go to sleep in our bed, so I went with him. But of course Cooper (still going strong) didn't want to be left out. I let him in and he just jumped and fidgeted around. I took Cooper out and tried to otherwise occupy him.He was nowhere near ready to sleep. I temporarily occupied him with the alien cartoon at the beginning of the Ratatouille DVD. Carter was out shortly after. I cuddled Cooper for a bit and got him some milk and he eventually zonked out too. I did a couple Sudoku puzzles and crashed.

This morning Chris got up with the boys. I felt CRAPPY. My throat was sore and I was craving much more sleep. I dozed on and off for a while until Chris needed to get ready to go out. He's going snowmobiling with a few of his peeps from work. Fools. Don't they know it's cold out? I'm sure they won't notice. In the meantime I'm in our cozy little house with the boys. We're playing with stickers and with playdough. Good times. By the way, can we please borrow someone's garden hose? more thing to note...Carter has been singing O Canada non-stop lately. I'll try to catch it on video because it's sooooooooo cute.


Blogger Angie said...

I can't wait for the national anthem. Should be a winner!

Sunday, December 16, 2007 5:03:00 p.m.  
Blogger Helen Hancock said...

You dag! Just noticed your wish lists! lol! Thank goodness I picked up my last pressie more shops! They are scary places - worldwide. I love the roller coaster photo and can't wait to hear the anthem. Have a great week Melly...hope you are feeling better soon.

Sunday, December 16, 2007 9:00:00 p.m.  
Anonymous Cindy said...

I laughed out loud when I read about the non-winterized garden hose. I have no idea where ours is. Ask Bob or check with Stuart at CTire. Dad told me about the bin ride. Kind of reminded me of the wheelbarrow ride. Mom looks awesome in that picture.

Monday, December 17, 2007 2:48:00 p.m.  

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