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Saturday, December 01, 2007

There Went Santa Claus

Ugh. I've been coughing and hacking all week. No other cold symptoms; just the icky cough. Plenty of early bedtimes and no excursions. Thursday night I could barely stay awake long enough to watch My Name is Earl. And it's so fortunate that I went to bed that early, since Cooper's first middle-of-the-night visit was at one. I tried to get him back to bed, but every half hour or so my attempts were foiled again. Then Carter joined the party at some point. I tried to be nice and patient but all I wanted to do was crawl back into bed. I might have by about five.

Yesterday rocked though, aside from all the expense... I had a day off. I took the kids to the sitter and started running errands. First I did a run to Tim Horton's and delivered a French vanilla cappuccino to one of the girls at the office across the hall from mine. Sometimes we take each others' mail to the box at the end of the day, and on Thursday she took a veritable mountain of mail that I had. Much appreciated. I also picked up a FVC for myself and a green tea for Kelly, as she was to be working across the hall too. But when she wasn't there yet, I called her at home and she sounded terrible. She had a horrible migraine. I dropped the tea off at her house and set it just inside the door and quietly told her that her tea was there.

Next I went to the bank then to the hairdresser. I got a great haircut; my hair is much shorter, but all one length again. The layers weren't working for me; I had to wash my hair way too often because it would get all straggly. It now feels great. Plus I got up this morning and it could pass without even brushing it. Excellent.

I went to pay a bill at the city office, since they separated sewer and water from the telephone bill. They don't have it set up as a payee for online banking yet, so I had the bill from October and November to pay. I went into the office to find my lovely Auntie Lurdes waiting to take my money :) I had expected to pay a hundred and forty bucks, but she informed me the December bills were about to be mailed out and my new balance was two hundred eleven. Yikes. Well, now I don't have a bill for December at least!

I picked up a new sweater for Chris to wear to my staff party tonight and a new pair of black pants for me...another hundred bucks. I took out money to pay the babysitter, another two-fifty. Oh and I popped into the liquor store to get some Bailey's and Tequila Rose to the tune of seventy bucks. Crikey I guess I should have just done a Wal-Mart run; this time it would have been cheaper! I did do a quick Wal-Mart stop for socks and pull-ups, but those were surprisingly the only two items I purchased there.

I had a lovely lunch with Ashley and her sister. The special was an open-faced buffalo chicken sandwich on garlic toast. Mmmm. Spicy! After lunch I took in the computer (the boys' computer - likely the video card or drivers...we'll see how much that will cost) and picked up groceries for our after-parade party to the tune of a hundred bucks. I came home and put groceries away and started cleaning up. I dusted and tidied the top of the entertainment stand. I vacuumed and tidied the kitchen and put a pretty Christmas tablecloth on the table. I picked up some serving bowls and trays in the dollar section of the grocery store for chips and stuff.

By this time the safety check was done on Chris's truck and he wanted me to go do the insurance and registering. I put on my Santa hat (yes on my brand new doo) and headed out. With the sales tax on the truck and the new plate stickers, there went another hundred and three bucks. While I stopped at the insurance place, the liquor store was right next door so I also picked up a bottle of rum.

I delivered all the paperwork to Chris and came home for a bit more party preparation. Then it was (already!) time to pick up the boys. We came home and they were excited to be having a party and going to see Santa Claus. During one of my stops at home I put a shepherd's pie in the oven so it was ready by the time I came home with the boys. I told them we were having Ratatouille again. Carter ate a bit; Cooper, not so much.

Everyone started arriving just before six, and the parade started at six-thirty. We all bundled up and walked to the corner to watch. Oh and nowhere yet in this post have I mentioned that the temperature was MINUS TWENTY-TWO, with a windchill factor of MINUS THIRTY-THREE. Dang cold. We survived the parade and came back to the house for hot chocolate and munchies. We had a great visit and everyone is getting in the Christmas spirit. Next week we'll do it all over again for Cooper's birthday. Not sure which day yet; probably Friday.

I went to bed not long after everyone left and the dishwasher was loaded. Cooper made a couple appearances but I managed to bribe him back to bed with cookies and milk. Somehow I managed to stay in bed until quarter after eight this morning, but not without a few attempts from the boys to get me up earlier. The little crazies are having a fun morning, darting about wearing Santa hats. I'll post some pictures later of them in the Santa hats and of the parade last night.


Blogger Angie said...

What an awesome post, my friend. Made me chilly to read it. . . and I could hear my wallet/checkbook groaning from the next room. Or, was that YOUR checkbook groaning on your site.


Love you.....A

Saturday, December 01, 2007 3:25:00 p.m.  

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