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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Slumberus Interruptus

Oh man. So I finally wound down and tried to do a sudoku puzzle before finally drifting off last night. I made it through one and a half hard puzzles before shutting off the light. Just as I was all snuggled down in my bed, Cooper got up. And was in my face. For the past couple/few weeks I've been going to bed early and for the most part everyone slept through the night. But on the one night in ages that I forced myself to stay awake late, the dude gets up.

Before I went to bed, Carter had coughed almost non-stop, or so it seemed. Before I went to bed, i put a pull-up on him and rubbed aroma cream (sort of a baby version of Vick's) on his feet and chest. After a few minutes I never heard him cough again for the rest of the night.

I scooped Cooper up into my bed but that was just not meant to work out. The dude turns sideways and wriggles all over plus he was coughing too. I put the cream on his chest and soles of his feet too and put him back in his own bed. He didn't want to go back to sleep and asked me for some milk. The kid is speaking in sentences. "Mommy more milk please". Love that. So I got him some milk and put on a movie to distract him back to sleep so I could go bury my face back in my nice squishy pillow.

That worked...until sometime around four-thirty. I don't remember who or what woke me that time; I'm not sure I reached full consciousness, but it was another sleep interruption, nonetheless. With just over an hour before the alarm would sound, I desperately tried to get back to sleep.

I ended up dragging my butt out of bed by six-thirty. I showered and coiffed and primped and preened. I fed the quasi-nocturnal children and we got out of the house with enough time for me to clean off the Jeep, drop them off and make it to work on time. No Timmy's run. I figured I'd make a green tea when I got to the office, when Tina, the sweet little coffee angel that she is, brought me a French vanilla cappuccino. Fabulous. Just what the sleep doctor ordered. Add the sweet, tender, delicious mini-muffins that Kathy brought in for coffee break and I would survive the morning for sure.

By lunchtime, with no plans aside from taking Carter to school, I darted home for a little nap. I think I slept about fifteen minutes before the microwave timer went off, and I took Carter to school. I bolted in to Safeway for a snack, some veggies and dip and went back to work. the afternoon went well too, and I was treated to yet another French vanilla cappuccino. Suh-weet. Everyone was so in tune with my caffeine/sugar needs today, at just the right times.

I picked up the boys after work and we waited for Chris to get off work. We stopped by KFC for their Toonie Tuesday meal deals and headed home to eat chicken and fries and gravy. We were out of pull-ups for Cooper and both kinds of milk, so I did a Wal-Mart run. $113.00. I picked up another "school outfit" for Carter, a couple little Christmas gifts, oh, and razors. I've been looking around the whole house for razors so I could at least do a quick pit shave and found a not-so-sharp one in Chris's bathroom downstairs. Fortunately I escaped serious injury in doing this, so it was a good reminder to buy new ones!

I came home and Chris went outside to work on the truck in the garage. I looked at the clock figuring it had to be around eight o'clock, but it was only six-thirty. All that running around had me a bit messed up. We practiced saying letters and numbers a little tonight; sometimes when I listen closely to Cooper while he's playing I hear him counting. Seriously. "Six, sebben". Too cute.

So, it's ten to ten, and both boys have just spontaneously crashed. I'm not sure if that's related to the cough medicine I gave them about a half an hour ago. I asked the pharmacist's advice at Wal-Mart because of all the hoo-haw about kids and cough medication going around these days. He recommended a Benylin brand and suggested that the aroma cream on the feet is a good bet too, since most cough meds will just prolong a cough.

Anyhoo, they're both passed out, and I'm not far behind. I'm looking forward to a delicious, full-night's (hopefully) sleep. Oh, and I edited the post from last night to add the pictures of my little frog Cooper and our snowman.


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