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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A Good Time Was Had By All

Oh good. Only two days since I blogged...

Saturday evening was my office Christmas party. First was the bowling portion of the evening; we had about twenty turn up for bowling. It was great. One of my coworkers dropped her daughter off to babysit and Chris and I went out for our second date of the year. Seriously, we need to do this more often, but part of it is paying a sitter again when we've already paid for a sitter all week. Nonetheless, we need to get out more. Together.

Bowling was a hoot; despite the great fun there was some serious underlying (well not so serious) competition going on. The first game was just a regular one then we played a game of Bingo bowling. The overhead screen for each team shows a Bingo card and you have to bowl the items on the card and get them all. Guess whose team won the Bingo bowling? Yep, and I was soooooo extra proud! hee

The next phase of the party was the hors d'oeuvre portion of the evening. We convened at one coworker's house and everyone brought an hors d'oeuvre. And those who wished to participate brought a gift for the steal-a-gift exchange. Another wildly entertaining activity! Everyone who brings a gift takes a number. Number one goes and picks a wrapped gift. Person number two gets the option of stealing number one's already-opened gift, or choosing one of the other wrapped gifts. It gets more interesting as the game goes on, since there is more to choose from. Some rules have to be enforced or the stealing would go on all night on some items. So, no gift can be stolen more than three times, and you can't just go steal your gift back from someone who just took it. However, if you have another gift stolen from you, you can go back and steal a gift that was previously stolen from you. I ended up with a cookbook (I always pick a low number and don't get much choice; Chris typically got a much higher number and got just what he wanted). Chris's choice was a poker set in a metal case, which was one of the items we brought. Hilarious. Somehow I knew he'd end up with it. We had a great time, as did everyone else. I'm already thinking up new ideas for next year's party!

The babysitter's parents picked her up and apparently all went well with the boys. They were sound asleep when we got home. I had a headache all day but didn't take anything so I could enjoy the festivities, but when I got home I still didn't feel well. With all the nasty hacking coughing I've been doing (and still am...ugh) I just started to feel worse. So, I took some Tylenol 3 and like magic my headache disappeared, and I didn't cough for a full ten hours! And it was way less disgusting than taking Buckley's or Nyquil.

Sunday afternoon Chris took Carter outside with him. He finally had the chance to shovel the driveway, and with the grader going past a couple times and with our driving in and out over the past snowy week, the bank at the road was very hard-packed. But he shoveled the whole thing down to bare pavement again. I'm so glad the grader didn't go past again while he was out there; it could have gotten ugly. The snow has finally subsided and the driveway is still clear. Fait accompli. For now.

Today was a busy day at work. Since I was off on Friday, I finished up all my month-end reports and duties today. During a break I picked up the boys' computer from the shop. It had gone all wonky the other day. If I had known it was the display drivers I might have been brave enough to attempt fixing it myself. They did a bunch of anti-virus and anti-spyware cleaning too, which it needed anyway.

After work, Kelly came with me to pick up the boys so I could run into the store to get some milk and bread. I dropped her off and raced home to get supper ready quickly before I went to Bingo. Cindy had dropped off some leftover crablegs, potatoes and some ribs for us this morning at my office, so I just needed to do some reheating. I ate a little super-quick before leaving to pick up Kelly for Bingo.

Yes, I did get to holler Bingo. It was a hundred-dollar game, but much to my dismay six other people had yelled along with me. So Kelly and I got to share a whopping fourteen dollars. But hey, winning is winning. We had great fun as usual.

Yesterday when I posted the layout of Cooper I didn't post any title or comments, thinking that later in the evening I'd be blogging in some details. Anyway, that was a picture of him taken about a week ago and I'm just in awe that it seems like yesterday when Carter wore that very snowsuit. My boys are getting so big!

Just this morning I was loading Carter's backpack/packsack/knapsack (you choose) and I found his student ID card in there! He's in Junior Kindergarten and he has an ID card. It is the cutest thing ever. I hadn't noticed in there on Friday. It has his school picture on it and everything. So so so cute. Also, Carter's first-ever report card arrived today. I was so excited! There were comments and such from the teacher, a list of his four main friends, his name written by him, and a picture he drew on the computer of himself playing in the sunshine. Way way way too cute. I'll have to scan it and do a scrapbook page of it.

And now it's getting very late so I'm off to bed. But by the way, ever since I got my hair cut on Friday, I've barely even needed to touch it. Just a little brush and spray and I'm on my way again. I'm so glad I have my easy hair back. Just get up and go. Hopefully I'll be able to get up and go in six hours when I need to be getting ready for work!


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