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Friday, April 25, 2008

Family Fun on a Snowy Snowy Night

We've been gearing our activities more lately toward family ones. The movie last week, playing outside, and tonight we went swimming at the public pool, despite the rotten weather forecast. It is COLD again, folks, and we're supposed to get 25-30 centimetres of snow. For you standard-measuring folk, that's up to a foot of the freaking white stuff! And to think it was nearly ALL GONE as of this afternoon. ::Sigh::

Wow was that fun at the pool! Cooper? Is a natural-born swimmer. We put water wings on both kids and Cooper at first clung to me. Then I started floating him around a little and in no time flat he was bobbing along on his own. He'd flip to his tummy, then to his back and stick his feet way up in the air. He stuck his face in the water, and bobbed under the surface a couple times when he would push off my leg and get a bit of a jump. Didn't faze him a bit! He even was jumping off the edge of the pool into the water! Carter, on the other hand, still hates getting water in his face and gets nervous when he can't touch the bottom of the pool. He still had fun, but Cooper blew me away since it was his first time at the pool, aside from Kelly's pool and we didn't even try to let him swim when he was that little. I hope Carter will get over his fear; we're just trying to let him get used to it on his own.

We came home and everyone is toast. I'm sure they'll all sleep well. Or so I hope! I really wish I brought the camera with me because I could have taken some amazing video of Cooper. I'm sure there will be a next time; Chris suggested we go every Friday!


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