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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I So Wish I Could Be Kidding When I Post This

Ashton Kutcher? Are you around the corner laughing at us?

Today I went to Winnipeg with Kelly and Ben for his dental surgery appointment. We left bright and early on a beautiful, sunny day.

Our first stop was Costco and we flashed our shiny new membership cards at the entrance lady and made our way to filling up our carts. Kelly spent somewhere near three hundred bucks and I nearly hit a hundred. We went back to her vehicle and we were gaging our time left before Ben's appointment. We were going to go somewhere to eat when we spotted a Super Store just down the street from Costco. We went in and shopped for about a half an hour and left to go to Ben's appointment. We all meandered out to the middle of the parking lot where we thought we had parked, but we were all confused as to where we had left the vehicle. We wandered back and forth a couple times, with comments from passersby like "You look like you lost your car." chuckle chuckle.

After a few passes, we finally realized it was true. It was GONE. Seriously. We went back in the store and Kelly asked to speak to security, hoping for some help. We were sent to Customer Service, where a lady returned after making a quick call only to tell us that "they don't get involved with that". I freaked thinking she was talking about the police. No, store security. They don't get involved with major crimes that happen in their parking lot. Crap. We need Gil Grissom to help us. So while Kelly is on the phone with the police (and both our cell phones were nearly in need of charging while both our chargers were gone with the vehicle and those little rat bastards that took it). While she was on the phone with the police, I was contacting her car dealership to find out if by some chance her vehicle had some sort of trial version of OnStar activated. They gave me the OnStar number and I called and talked to a WONDERFUL woman, who was unfortunately unable to help us since Kelly hadn't activated the OnStar. She had thought about it but hadn't ever used it so she wasn't hooked up yet. We were told the police could have found her vehicle in MINUTES if she had it. ::sigh:: As it stands, her stolen vehicle report is "in the system". Meaning it's not like they go looking for it or anything but now they have a record of the theft in case it shows up. Oy.

The customer service dude called us a cab so we could at least make it to Ben's dental appointment. He totally thought he was going to get out of having dental surgery under these crappy circumstances, but we somehow managed to complete the main mission of the trip under duress. While we were at the dentist office, the sweet sweet receptionist had contacted her husband and offered to drive us all the way home. How nice is that? Too bad not everyone in Winnipeg is that nice, or Kelly would still have her truck. ::sigh::

Since my brand new shiny laptop was in the vehicle (yeah, go ahead and tell me how unsmart I am) and I had just recently imported almost everything over from my other computer, I walked a few blocks to the library to change a few passwords. My new password contains an obscenity and some numbers (in light of the circumstances.) Every computer project I've ever done is on there and every picture and video of my boys since their births is on there, along with many miscellaneous documents. I felt so sick. Mostly for Kelly's vehicle, obviously, but for my new toy with my whole life on it too.

I walked back to the dentist office and arrived at the exact moment that Ben's appointment was over. While I was gone Kelly heard from her insurance agent who had arranged for a rental car that would be picking us up. So by this time we were all exhausted (and Ben was sore and frozen from surgery still) and we were very hungry. We dropped off the rental car guy and the first place we went with the rental car was the Super Store parking lot. Y'know, just in case we were ALL losing it this afternoon and that her truck might have been there. Right.

We were all pissed that on top of the loss of her beautiful vehicle and all our electronic things inside it, (like her Sirius radio and Ben's iPod too...yeah, we were ripe for the picking, right? I guess they see an out of town vehicle and it becomes their prey) all the goodies inside were just gravy for them. Anyway, we were also ticked that all our Costco stuff was gone. Kelly, not to be outdone by the thieves, refused to go home without at least the shoes she had purchased earlier. We made our way around Costco again and Kelly replaced nearly all of the items she had ALREADY purchased. Ouch. I was too mad and cheap to replace all I had bought, PLUS I could only remember ten out of the twelve items I had purchased, after much racking of my brain. Sad. So there are at least two things I can't be sad about losing because I just can't remember what they are. So the second time around I picked up the book I had bought for the kids AGAIN, some toilet paper (that I hadn't purchased earlier), the fruit snacks I had already bought for Carter to take to school, and this time I picked up some yummy pillows that I had been eying up earlier.

We left Costco again and left to head out of the Car Theft Capital of the World. ::sigh:: We headed for Burger King since we were all famished. I've never eaten at a Burger King before so I had my first-ever Whopper. I also brought one home for Chris. We sadly left the city, reflecting on all the events of the day and lost things all the way home. We really tried to look on the bright side every chance we got, but the best bright side is that we're all home safe. The next couple weeks will tell what will happen with Kelly's vehicle insurance and whether the vehicle will turn up or not, and need repairs or replacement. I came home and Chris and Cooper were cuddling snoozing on the couch and Carter was up on his bunk sound asleep. I talked to Mom and Dad for awhile and came here for a vent-session and now I'm going to try to sleep. ::sigh::


Blogger Angie said...

Oh my dear. . .I just told this to Mark. I had to keep looking back at your blog entry to see if I had it all right.

I am SOOOOOOO sorry!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008 11:44:00 p.m.  
Blogger 20Birds said...

oh man o man... this stinks big time

Monday, June 02, 2008 10:30:00 a.m.  

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