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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Say Yes to Drugs

No, not bad drugs...but if the doctor says take 'em then take 'em. Seems I'm a little infecty in the sinus department again. After Bingo tonight I took a spin up to the hospital and after I parked I was dismayed to find I had forgotten my health card at home. I spun home quickly to pick it up and went back again. There was a deer grazing in the hospital yard both times I drove past.

It was surprisingly like a ghost town in there. I was the only patient in the whole E.R. so I was in and out of the place inside an hour, including both trips to get there. Apparently it was just packed in there just a little earlier. I've been coughing like a maniac lately and it's starting to irritate me. The doctor gave me a prescription for antibiotics (again...ugh) and some cough medicine, that surprisingly isn't half bad (unless I'm just so wonked out in the sinuses that I couldn't taste it as much.)

Anyhoo, we went to Bingo tonight and I just coughed and coughed most of the time we were there. I was chain-lozenging myself with Fisherman's Friend cough drops. They are really starting to gross me out again because I've had so many.

Today at work there was another power outage. I ran home to get our Kool-a-tron to help the nurses transport the vaccines to the hospital where they have backup power. I pulled in the driveway and it took me not one, not two, but THREE tries using the remote for the garage door opener to realize that DUH the power is out and I'm home to get the Kool-a-tron BECAUSE the power is out. I laughed at myself and used the side door of the garage and grabbed the cooler.

I went back to the office and as everyone was still busy turning off light switches, calling managers, cancelling incoming clients and shutting down computers and power bars. I went to my desk to get someone a key and shortly after that the power came back on. Bummer! It was a relief though that the nurses didn't have to transport all the vaccines like they did the last time this happened. It was about a half an hour this time and the office hadn't even closed yet. Oh well.

Carter went on a school field trip to the sheep farm today. When I picked him up he was very tired (and therefore cranky) so I never got to really ask him about it before I went to Bingo because he fell asleep the minute we drove out of the babysitter's driveway.

So I've taken my cough medicine from the doctor for starters and I'll go fill my antibiotic prescription in the morning and start getting rid of this ickiness.


Blogger Helen Hancock said...

Hope you feel better soon UP and OVER - over and out!

Thursday, May 22, 2008 6:13:00 a.m.  
Blogger Vicky S. said...

Hope the sinus infection gets better soon. You sure don't want it to be like mine. ICK!

Friday, May 23, 2008 2:28:00 a.m.  

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