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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

An Official Unwelcome to the North Wind

Let's see where I left off...

I think we had pizza for supper on Saturday. Sunday we went to Cindy's to celebrate Noah's TENTH birthday. Wow. My nephews are really growing up fast. We got home about mid-way through the final episode of Desperate Housewives. So instead of trying to pick up in the middle of the plot, we watched a movie and I stayed up extra-late to watch DH later. We watched The Golden Compass. Now I'm not sure if it was due the the few interruptions from the boys, but I didn't get a lot out of this movie. I did, however, appreciate the segue it provided until DH came on again. Then I find out today that it was due back yesterday or Sunday and I had it in the Jeep since we watched it. Sorry Dad! Hope the Movie Nazi wasn't too hard on you.

Monday was Victoria Day so it was a bonus long weekend. It was the most decent day weather-wise, so we took the boys to the Fort for lunch. Carter played a round of mini-golf and Cooper occupied himself playing on the playground and in the sandbox. We had a great lunch there with Mom and Dad and Cindy and the kids.

We came home and I made supper a little later since we'd had a big lunch. I whipped up an oriental chicken stirfry. The boys took long late naps and went to bed late, which made for some sleepyheads this morning. Cooper had me up just after four-thirty. I finally got back to sleep somewhere in the neighbourhood of five-ish. Then I get up with my alarm and the little turkey sleeps until seven-thirty! So not fair.

Work went by quickly today, and it was a soccer night. At lunch I had an eyebrow appointment then picked up hotdog buns before taking Carter to school. I picked up the boys after work and we came home to get ready for soccer. Chris came home and barbecued the hotdogs. Cooper ate about a half of one and Carter ate a bit of the dog and part of the bun. Chris showered and we took off for soccer. It was another cold and windy time at the soccer field. Carter is still enthusiastic during the practice then his enthusiasm wanes at game time. He's not very aggressive so he never really dives in for the ball and he tires easily since this is the most exercise he's really ever had! He wanted to play on the playground but it was so cold we just came home. Here is a little video tidbit of Carter at soccer:
I'm seriously finished with this weather. My lilac bushes are finally starting to bud but I'm betting the flowers are scared to death of peeking out for fear of freezing to death.

Both boys are finally in bed, though probably not yet sleeping. Here are a couple scrapbook pages I finished up over the weekend. You can click on them to enlarge them and click the titles below each to see the credits.


Blogger Angie said...

I like them both, but I REEEEEEEALLY love the Coopy layout!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008 10:32:00 p.m.  

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