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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Pissy Willies!!!

Well I'm finally starting to trust that spring is on its way again. Yesterday I saw some pussy willows, a sure sign of spring. (Editor's note: Today's post title reflects a slip of the tongue that one of my aunts made AGES ago and we still call them pissy willies to this day).

Yesterday was an odd one for me. It REALLY didn't feel like Friday since I'd traveled to Winnipeg on Thursday. Felt like Monday all day. So, I forgot it was pajama day at Carter's school. When I dropped him off one of the other Moms asked if I remembered and I expressed my annoyance at myself that i hadn't remembered. I brought Carter in and ran home to find pajamas. Thankfully, his best, newest Spiderman pajamas were clean and ready to go. I ran back to the school and helped him change before bolting back to the office. Before that little fiasco, Kelly and I had gone downtown to the chip van for some homemade fries and to the cell phone place so she could get a new phone. I had run out of time and left her at the cell phone place when I had to go for Carter. Anyway, Kelly got a reeeeeally nice new phone. I must get one too. It's a Motorola Razor. She brought it over to show me at the office and I programmed all her numbers in for her. I don't think my contract is up until November so I have at least one thing to look forward to in the winter.

I also forgot to go to the bank before I picked up the kids so I could pay the sitter. When Chris came home I ran and did that and ordered pizza for supper. I came in to wait for the pizza to be ready and Serena called. She couldn't get me in for my eyebrows over the weekend (and they were particularly horrible) but she could take me immediately. So I ran over there, got my eyebrows done, ran to pick up the pizza, came home, we ate supper. Chris had a shower and I had a quick shave so we could go swimming again.

Swimming was fun again. We put the boys in their new lifejackets. Carter is getting more comfortable in the water and didn't stick to the railing at the edge of the pool this time. He even tried a couple tricks spinning around and floating on his back. Mind you, with these new lifejackets, neither kid can flip over once he's on his back. Which is great; means the lifejackets are doing their job. After a while I took Cooper's lifejacket off and put on some water wings. He preferred the freedom. Actually I'm certain he'd have preferred having nothing on but he doesn't realize they're what's keeping him afloat!

After swimming, we went to Dairy Queen. I skipped the usual sundae. I'm going to try to cut back on that stuff. And I've been having green tea instead of French vanilla cappuccino these past few days. We'll see how long this lasts!

When we came home, I made another attempt to watch Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium with the boys. Cooper zonked first. Then Carter. Then Chris. Then me. Wow that swimming tired me out! I think I'm about three quarters through the movie now. I have until Tuesday to watch the whole thing before it goes back to the video store.

Well, today looks like a beautiful, sun-shiny day so I'm not going to waste it. Cooper is still sleeping so I'm going to get breakfast ready and get my cleaning shoes on. I plan to go through every article of children's clothing in this house today. Wish me luck.

Oh and here's the latest on our snowman. He completely self-destructed yesterday and Chris put away his personal effects. See? Spring is trying again!


Blogger Angie said...

Awwwwww. I can't see your snowman, just the red "x" left behind. LOL.

Sounds like a great Friday night!

Saturday, May 03, 2008 10:26:00 a.m.  

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