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Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Subtitle: New Dining Room Furniture!

Before I even begin to discuss my lack of blogitude, just look at THIS:
My baby is graduating! Granted, he is graduating from JUNIOR KINDERGARTEN. But jeepers, they sure make him look all growed-up in that grad stuff! I thought they did graduation from senior kindergarten but now they're doing it for the junior ones. Totally silly, but totally cute. Love it!

So let's see. I did get some laundry done on the weekend, but nowhere near what I'd hoped to accomplish. Chris did some work on his truck this weekend. I didn't do a thing with my hair after swimming Friday night until Sunday. We went out and did some shopping on Sunday, and picked up this lovely new dining room 'furniture':

This cute little number was on sale at Canadian Tire. We spotted it in the flyer and made a bee line for it. I really don't want it outside; it's still icky on the ground and it would get all gross and rained on and muddy in like five seconds. So for now, it's an inside toy, and my dining table is just slightly relocated again. I've been looking for one of these since Christmas. Cool!

We also picked me up a nice crock pot for Mother's Day, which came with a bonus mini-crockpot. I can't wait to use either or both. I might even chuck some stuff in it tomorrow if I get up in time in the morning. Oh yeah, and we picked up some cool soccer cleats and matching shin pads for Carter too.

Yesterday, Mom had a check-up with her hematologist in Winnipeg. It was a fantastic appointment. They're going to use my Mom's case for a textbook since it is such a unique condition and everything. Yep, that's my Mom. She has to be different! And her spleen will be famous! Anyhoo, her doctor was so pleased with her blood counts that she hugged Mom. And the biopsy of the spleen was clear of any other diseases aside from the Sarcoidosis. Faaaaantastic! Now with a bit more healing from the surgery, Mom will be good as new!

Today Mom had her second lunchdate with her girlfriends and with Dad as her chauffeur again, he and I had lunch together again at the same place so he could be there to pick her up when she was done, but without sitting with all those ladies. Not that he would mind, I'm sure, but he wasn't invited...which was to my benefit 'cause I got to have lunch out with Dad again! Thanks again Dad!

So I can't believe it's already Wednesday tomorrow. It's a bit of a crazy week. Tomorrow is my nephew Dominic's birthday and I have a blood-donor appointment in the evening. (#31!) Thursday CARTER IS TURNING FIVE. Whew. Still can't get over THAT one. So this weekend we'll have everyone over for cake, plus Carter starts soccer on Saturday. Then on Mother's Day the whole fam-damily is getting together to go out for supper. We practically have the whole restaurant to ourselves. There will be at least 25 of us. Par-tay!

I actually did some scrapbooking this weekend but I haven't uploaded anything to my galleries yet. I'm still trying to finish one more first, along with a couple other projects I have on the go. Surprisingly the boys went to bed at a quasi-decent hour, and I got to talk to Angie tonight on Hello. It's been a forever, and as usual she has me in stitches. It's great to catch up with 'old' friends. (Sorry, Angie...just a preface to your birthday next week...heehee)


Blogger Helen Hancock said...

OMG!!!!! Can't you see Carter as a man in that photo! Yikes! Scary.

Love the jumping castle! Get ready for a few bumped heads there.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008 1:49:00 a.m.  

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