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Friday, October 17, 2008

Ripped Myself a New One

...armpit, that is. Y'know those little plastic shields on a new package of deodorant? Well I accidentally reached for the new deodorant instead of the one I have already been using. I went to put it on and the little plastic tabs scraped my armpit. Ouch.

In other news, Cooper is addicted to YouTube. Thanks to Anita over at NDISB, I checked out the Space Chimps web site. On it there is a Crazy Frog video. I'm pretty sure the kids have seen Crazy Frog before, but now Cooper is using my computer a lot to surf the net. I clicked on YouTube to find him another Crazy Frog song, and he started clicking the related video links shown on the screen. His favourite thing now is called the Gummy Bear song. I have a hard time getting it out of my head because he plays it so often. He's getting much better at using the computer, much like Carter did at the same age.

I recently altered the boys' bunk bed. It's a large wooden unit with the bottom bunk perpendicular to the top bunk. It was so rare for Cooper to make it through the whole night in his bed I finally took the bottom bed right out and put a little mattress under the loft part, so now it's kind of like a fort. I put a tension bar across the opening and hung a blanket there. It's now the popular spot to watch movies and sleep for both boys. The wooden bed frame is off to the side and the mattress is on the floor by the TV, a popular spot now for watching movies or burning off some steam jumping like little madmen.

We had a pretty good weekend...Chris and I even went out on a DATE! Saturday evening we dropped off the kids at Mom & Dad's house (OVERNIGHT!!!) Mom had supper all set for them and we went out for a couple drinks and wings before going to Kelly's house to meet up with her and her son Ben before heading to the concert. We went to a concert for a fantastic Beatles tribute band called Revolution. Here are a couple pictures:

The costumes were great and so were the voices. We had an awesome time. After the concert we went back to Kelly's house and had a drink. We weren't done having fun and I was hoping to go bowling. We opted to go to the bar (which we NEVER do). We walked to the bar and sat around having a few more drinks and amusing ourselves watching all the people that were milling about. Chris and I even danced once and I played a game of pool. Next thing we knew it was already closing time. We walked outside and it was pouring rain. On our way back to Kelly's to walk her home, we stopped to pose with these scarecrows. I don't know why; I guess we were still amusing ourselves.

We had left the Jeep at Kelly's and walked the rest of the way home. When we arrived home, there were two police cars parked across the street from our house, and someone across the street was being taken away by two officers. Guess we missed out on some excitement in the neighbourhood. We don't even know who lives there.

Sunday morning arrived quite quickly after we got home. With no kids at home to wake us we slept like logs until eight. I woke up and it felt like I had slept five minutes. I dozed on and off for another hour or so then we both got up and got ready to go get the boys. We did a Timmy's run for coffee and put some gas in the Jeep and headed for Mom and Dad's house. The kids were good for their Grandma and Grandpa, which was great. We really had a great time and it was so awesome of Mom and Dad to take them like that. I think we could count the number of dates we've had since having kids on one hand. Thanks again, Mom and Dad!

Sunday was a very sleepy day. We sort of took turns dozing off and trying to amuse and feed the kids whenever possible. I sort of half watched Desperate Housewives; it's not quite grabbing me like it used to before they flashed forward five years. Feels like the writers cheated. They really should have consulted me first before making such a rash script decision.

Well the weather is turning colder every day. Each morning the windshield is frostier and it's requiring more and more windshield fluid to clear it. Next thing I know I'll be digging out the scraper. ::sigh::

Oh and one last tidbit...Chris bought a truck yesterday. He bought a truck sometime last year after selling his Bronco...but it wasn't a full-size truck. Whenever I was gone somewhere with the Jeep, he wasn't able to put both kids in his little truck. We were hoping for an extended cab or a four-door truck, but we found a good deal on a half-ton 4x4 in good shape with low mileage and a few upgrades since his last truck like air conditioning, and power windows and door locks. He and Carter spent some time after work today cleaning it up all purty. Now he just needs to sell the other one. Any takers?


Blogger 20Birds said...

i had so much fun reading this post, living vicariously, pretending i was young and in love, carefree just like my friend Melany!!!! I am in love... too late for the young part, although he makes me feel young... just the kids keep popping their heads in *sighs* seriously great fun post, i even laughed (maybe just a chuckle ) about your armpit problems

Wednesday, October 22, 2008 8:04:00 p.m.  

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