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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Uphill Both Ways

Today was a pretty good day. Work was long but okay. At lunch I was super tired. I brought a coffee to Chris at work but he wasn't there. He had run home for a bit. I came home and he was about to leave. I came in the house and set the timer on the microwave for twenty-five minutes and curled up on the couch. I closed my eyes for what felt like two seconds and the timer beeped. Wow that was a fast catnap!

I went back to work feeling a little bit refreshed (particularly after I drank my coffee). After work Chris had planned to go fishing with some of the guys from work. I got the idea awhile back to come home after work and walk to pick up the boys so I thought I'd give it a go today. I came home and put ski pants and an extra sweater on and set off to pick up the boys, pulling along an empty sled.

I arrived boiling hot. I really didn't need all those layers. It was beautiful out. The boys climbed aboard the sleigh and I pulled them home. Those little turkeys are getting HEAVY! The trip home was likely longer than the trip there; I forgot to check my iPod for the time on the stopwatch. The walk home was largely downhill, (though at times it felt like it was uphill!) which was a bonus except for the couple times where the sleigh caught up to me and lurched into my achilles tendons, akin to getting a shopping cart in the back of the ankles when shopping with the hubby. Then there was crossing streets where there was bare pavement. That definitely added to the workout!

We came home and I cooked dinner (sort of). My friend Diane had brought me a tray of ribs to cook up. All I had to do was put them in the oven for awhile and I cooked some rice and veggies. The boys looooooooved it. After dinner we went to visit the boys' great grandpa (Great Papa). He was having a hard time with his TV remote and I helped him fix it last time. Once I showed him last time he knew how to fix it but it wasn't working this time. But by the time we arrived he had it figured out. We stuck around and had a nice little visit anyway.

We came home and I cut out all the boys' valentine cards and stuffed them in envelopes. Both boys were asleep shortly after seven-thirty. Bonus! I did a little more printing and managed to get over here to document my day. Now maybe I'll do some browsing through my pictures and scrapbooking graphics. Baby steps!


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