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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I Remember When I Used to Blog!

Well, for some strange reason, I've decided to give up Facebook for Lent. That's about 46 days. I actually did some reading about it, and found myself a loophole that I don't intend to use:

"Technically, Sundays are not part of Lent. Although we celebrate them liturgically as part of Lent, the Lord's Day cannot be a day of fast and abstinence. Six weeks of Monday through Saturday gives you 36 days. If you add to them Ash Wednesday and the three days after it, you get the 40 days of Lent."

As I was daydreaming about what I ought to do instead of Facebook (all housekeeping aside), I thought about resurrecting my blog, and how all those status updates could be cleverly converted into blog posts.

I opened my blog page with trepidation, typed the first sentence, and remembered again tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I needed to get the kids' Valentines printed. The kids chose their own designs. Cooper's is the cute puppy with the standard greeting. Carter's is of course World of Warcraft-related. Here they are:

Let's see. What's happened in the past NINE months since I blogged? A lot. An awful, awful lot. I can't even begin to describe it. Instead of racking my brain, I will note current events. And with a little luck and will power, I will keep it current.

Cooper lost his two front teeth shortly after Christmas. His adult teeth are already poking through. Carter is going through an "I-don't-want-to-get-my-hair-cut" phase. I'm humouring him for now, though there will be a hair appointment to try to shape his mop into something stylish. The two are still as opposite as ever (right down to the haircuts. Cooper likes his short).

The kids are still in Judo. Every Monday when I pick them up after school, they profess their hatred of Judo, or they conjure up some random symptom like a sore leg, or a headache in an attempt to be excused. Of course as soon as they get to the dojo, they get right into it. This season, the Judo club, which used to be located in a neighbouring town, moved to a new location just three blocks from our house. That was a nice change. The schedule changed too, which facilitated Cooper's communion classes. When Carter went for his classes, he had to miss a night of Judo.

We all went to the dentist today. I'm happy to report there are no cavities, although Mr. Dentist would like to do repairs on fillings for Chris and me. I am always suspicious they just want to do some digging; however in the past I had a broken filling that caused me much discomfort in the way of sinus infections. So I'm more open to the suggestion of fixing an old filling.

Work is still the same for Chris and me. He is at 16 years as of this summer, and I'll be reaching 15 at the beginning of June.

Well, that was a short update. I have to go tuck the kids in bed and pack up the Valentines. I got the boys to handwrite each of their classmates' names on labels to put on the envelopes to involve them in the process instead of just doing the whole thing on the computer. They're pretty cute. Stay tuned. If I'm bored enough, I just might do this again soon! :)


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