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Friday, April 20, 2007

Thank God It's Friday

Happy Birthday Papa & Uncle Gerry!

This morning wasn't a really swell start to the day. The boys have been napping later and going to bed later lately and subsequently sleeping in later. It's sorta nice to be able to have the bathroom to myself and get completely ready before I have to get them ready but it's getting to be too late.

We made it out the door with what I thought was plenty of time to run to Tim Horton's on the way to work. I stopped at the bank machine to grab some cash for coffee and to pay the babysitter for the week and proceeded to Timmy's. There were only about six or seven vehicles in front of me in the drive-thru and we were moving along relatively well. I placed my order and moved ahead. At this point there were two vehicles ahead of me. Vehicle number one must have had to wait at least ten minutes for their order alone. Oy. So that pretty much meant I was already running late.

Carter had been admiring the seagulls that hang out around Timmy's...looking for any possible scrap of food, so his window was open. And weatherwise the day was already beautiful. As we were in the last two blocks toward the sitter's house, I heard a tink-tink-tink-tink going down the street. Well I knew precisely that something specific had fallen off my Jeep but I kept going. I dropped off the boys and slowly made my way back down the street trying to look for the centre-cap from the brand new rims (and tires) that Chris put on the Jeep the other day. Bear in mind that it's spring and everything on the ground is dirty and leafy, unless it's garbage. So what I was looking for was basically the size of the bottom of a pop can and there seemed to be plenty of those.

Realizing my attempts to find it while I was already a few minutes late were futile, I proceeded to work. I had my hands full with my purse and my FVC and a coffee for Tina when I was struggling to find my keys WHICH WERE NOT IN MY POSSESSION!!! I knocked on the side door until someone let me in. By then I was pretty flustered and frustrated. Once I described the saga I'd just encountered, Donna sent me out to look for the stupid centre cap. I parked on the street and glanced back and forth on both sides of the street and on the edges of people's yards hoping to find it. I had no idea how far this thing could have traveled - I mean, it is ROUND so it had a very good chance of traveling far.

I went back to work and borrowed a couple keys and once I finished my bagel and cappuccino things started to smooth out. I had a wonderful visit with Seija during our lunch date (OMG my fourth time out to lunch this week!) I'm so glad we're hanging out more and keeping in touch. I had to go to the bank for work after lunch, and I ran home to try to find my keys. I had a brainwave that they might be in the diaper bag so I zipped over to the sitter's house to get them. I tried to sneak in so the boys wouldn't think it was time for me to pick them up and I grabbed my keys and ran. I felt like once I had my keys all was returned to normal again. Whew!

My energy level was really up today - must be all that sleep I've been getting these past few nights. I had a great afternoon and it was such a beautiful day I wanted to do something out with the boys. When Chris came home he showered and we all got ready and took the boys to McDonald's for supper. It was fun to take them out a place where you don't have to wait long for the food...a place you don't stay at long enough for the kids to go stir-crazy and start screaming or running all over the place.

We went cruising a bit after supper. Stopped to get Carter a previously-promised treat. Stopped to get milk and ended up with a watermelon and a few various groceries. Stopped at the video store last...I got Chris to drop Carter and me off there so we could rent a movie and walk home together. I rented "Ice Age - The Meltdown" and "Charlotte's Web". Chris had cruised around a little bit with Cooper while we were walking home, and Cooper fell asleep. I put Cooper in bed and put the groceries away and we started to watch movies. Ice Age was very cute and quite funny. Now that we're starting to watch Charlotte's Web, Cooper is up and very cranky. He has this whiny cry that makes me want to run away from home. I tried everything from food to milk to calm him - thought he was hurting the way he was crying so I even tried Tylenol. I'm going to go try to cuddle him to sleep.


Blogger Helen Hancock said...

Good grief it's Sunday - here! Happy weekend Melly :)

Saturday, April 21, 2007 9:29:00 p.m.  
Blogger Angie said...

Hey girl! Still no laptop - it's good - just put "away" in case someone wants to look at the house. NO takers, yet.

Love the recaps. . .sorry to mention "caps" after reading your saga.

Miss you tonnnnnnnnnnnnnns!

Sunday, April 22, 2007 1:56:00 p.m.  

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