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Monday, April 16, 2007

Amazing What a Full Night's Sleep Can Do

Happy Birthday Auntie Maggie!

So Wednesday night I stayed up even way later than I blogged. Thursday morning I was a bit of a vegetable. At lunchtime I came home and instead of doing some computer work I took a little nap. Whenever I have a snooze at lunch I set the timer on the microwave to beep about ten minutes before I have to go back to work. I slept through it. Fortunately I woke up...and was about ten minutes late. Yikes. But I survived the afternoon... I had a dentist appointment at 2:30. I have a filling they're gonna be fixing but for now they just did a cleaning. My teeth are squeaky clean and will stay that way if I manage to fit flossing back into the equation of my morning routine.

On the way home after picking up the boys I stopped at McDonald's to grab supper. It's been ages since I had a Big Mac. The boys each got a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle in their happy meals. Those were a big hit. Carter kept calling them penguins for some reason. When I corrected him and told him it was a Ninja Turtle, he started calling it an Injun Turtle. I managed to get a hot shower and colour my roots...and watch some TV. But I started to get tired/lazy and didn't iron my hair after I dried it. I crawled in the tent with Carter and CRASHED. I slept hard until I found myself in a puddle. Unfortunately I fell asleep before I remembered to put a pull-up on Carter. So I had to change MY pants, his pants, and all the bedding. I put him back to bed - he didn't fully wake up so that was easy, and I went to my own bed.

Friday morning (Happy Birthday Tracy!) I was awakened at seven by Carter. Thank goodness he woke me when he did because I forgot to turn on my clock radio! Luckily Cooper was still asleep so I had time to iron my hair and get myself ready before I had to feed and dress him and Carter and I still (barely) made it to work on time. Mom invited Cindy and me to lunch on Friday so we met up with them and had a lovely lunch. (Thanks again, Mom & Dad!) I got an email from the company that does our benefits - my dental claim was submitted online at the dentist office and was already returned paid and in my account. Wow. As much as I love to get a cheque in the mail once in awhile, I'm glad I signed up for direct deposit!

I picked up the boys and came home and made tacos for supper. I used some of that ground beef that I'd browned and frozen. That was pretty slick. Would have been even better if I'd remembered to take it out of the freezer first thing in the morning but it was handy anyway. I had a lot of projects on the go on the computer but I had an early night again.

Saturday was a lazy day. Mom invited us for supper so that was awesome. I was gonna make hot dogs for supper but Chris barbecued them for lunch instead. We went to Mom & Dad's for supper and had an awesome roast beef with roasted potatoes and veggies, salad and buns. I pigged out as usual. Auntie Lurdes and Uncle Cliff were there too. Both my boys were in dire need of a haircut so Auntie grabbed the nearest scissors and I put Cooper up on the bathroom counter in his Bumbo seat and she trimmed off all the long wispy pieces of his hair. What a difference that little bit of hair made - he looks like a big boy now! Carter still needs a haircut but I'm going to try to take him to the hairdresser. Wish me luck on that! Here is a picture of Cooper getting his hair cut:

We came home and I didn't even stay up to watch Mad TV or SNL. Another early night. Not getting any of my projects accomplished. On Sunday morning I stayed in bed as long as possible. Therefore no church. I'd had a bit of a headache that was still with me. It was a beeeeeyooooooooteeeeeeeeeful day and we spent most of it inside. Silly me. Chris went out for coffee and I got myself dressed and ready and gave the boys a marathon bath. Then I got them dressed and TOOK THEM FOR A WALK IN THE STROLLER! Yes, I did. Not a long walk, thank God, because my arms and legs felt weak already...I'm tellin' ya - that stroller is MUCH heavier than it was last fall! It's gonna take some time before I'm in shape enough to push those two for a walk with Kelly!

We came home and Chris was home. I ran to Wal-Mart and actually purchased only what was on my list. Woohoo! I even left one item off the list. Chris took over the supper detail and made Kraft Dinner and barbecued some deer sausage. Nice! I tackled a couple projects I'd been procrastinating about and watched Desperate Housewives. Awesome. I need no other TV entertainment for the whole week but I need to watch that show. I stayed up until about 1:30 finishing a project for work and I finally went to bed.

This morning went well...(It's Auntie Maggie's birthday today)...both boys slept in until I was completely ready. I got everything loaded in the Jeep before Cooper even woke up. Got them both a drink of milk and threw their breakfast in the diaper bag and dressed them and had to run...Cooper was awake for only about 5-10 minutes before I dropped them off.

I went to work and all was well. Today was the 111th running of the Boston Marathon, and one of my coworkers was in it. Very cool. Way to go Dawn! There were four people from our town running and I tracked their progress on the Boston Marathon web site. The weather for the race was some of the worst ever, but that didn't stop her!

Kelly actually had a day off today so we went out for lunch. Turns out later her day off became a work day - she got called in but was happy that we at least got to go for lunch. We're hoping for a Bingo run on Wednesday but the silly girl made a hair appointment that day.

Today I made a big meatloaf, some kernel corn, and the cheesiest mashed potatoes ever. Mashed potatoes aren't my favourite way to eat potatoes, but these were the best mashed potatoes I've ever had. Plus I made a wild mushroom gravy to go with the meatloaf and it all went together very well. It was a bigger meatloaf than what I usually make so Chris gets a lunch out of it to take to work tomorrow.

WOW I hate it when I don't blog - good thing I made notes these past few days so I could do a full recap. Now that I'm getting caught up on a few projects I'm going to go play some more in Photoshop. I went to another of Kim Hill's chat's at SBE tonight and learned some new tricks. That's why I double posted the picture of Cooper's first hair cut - the first photo was very yellow so I used some new tricks to tone down the yellow and red tones in the picture. Very cool.


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Tuesday, April 17, 2007 6:30:00 p.m.  

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