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Monday, September 10, 2007

Carter's First Day of School...NOT!!!

Honestly, I thought about blogging every day since Friday...let's recap, shall we?

Saturday...Chris worked until noon. Since we had no sitter so that we could attend the wedding, we made plans to have Seija and Ian over for supper so I needed to run to the store for a few things. I bought some food stuff, a furnace filter, and a new pair of shoes for Chris.

Seija and Ian came over about five. We started preparing our awesome feast. Seija brought a gorgeous salad with mandarin orange slices and pecans and an awesome homemade dressing. She also brought the dessert...mmmmmmmm. Kind of a blueberry cheesecake thing. I wanted to have dessert first.

I prepared the batter for our fish fry and peeled potatoes. Seija did more of the preparation than I did; apparently I was a bit to involved with my glass of Baja Rose. Way too yummy. And after one glass I was a little dizzy. We somehow conned the guys into frying the fish outside and the potatoes. We also had asparagus and hollandaise sauce. Everything was AWESOME and it was so great to catch up with Seija and Ian...this visit has been a long-time-coming!

After supper we moaned and groaned about how full we all were then surprisingly the kids fell asleep and we attacked the dessert. Fabulous. We watched the movie "Delta Farce" with Larry the Cable Guy in it. Well, we sort of did. Of course it was a silly movie.

Sunday morning Chris was supposed to go out hunting but he slept in. So he went out to Cindy's with coffees to visit and did some trail riding. I stayed home with the boys and hung out. I did a little tidying but the evidence of my big clean has greatly disappeared.

Sunday evening we had leftovers, including the leftover dessert that Seija left behind...silly girl! I had a monstrous piece of it after eating some delicious leftover pieces of fish. Mom and Dad stopped by and Dave and Heather came over to watch a movie. We watched "Hot Fuzz". Bizarre movie.

Now, cut to today...which I THOUGHT was Carter's first day of school. I had his backpack ready, school clothes packed for the sitter's house so he could put new clean school clothes on for his first day... his snack packed in his bag. Indoor shoes in the packsack. I think I had it all. EXCEPT FOR THE RIGHT DAY. I scarfed a quick Chinese lunch buffet downtown with Donna and Laurel from work and went to pick up Carter. I took him to the school and realized that if it's always like this, taking him in the afternoons will rock because parking is a breeze at that time. Carter wore his backpack and loves it. He was happy to get there and posed for some cute pictures for me. We got to the classroom and just the teacher was in the room. I said, "Oh, are we the first ones here?" To which the teacher replied with a puzzled look and said, "Uh, maybe on Wednesday?" I said, "OMG don't tell me I brought him on the WRONG DAY?"

Yep. Wrong day. When I got the letter from the school I read it and thought I committed all the arrangements to memory. The meeting with the teacher, the first day with part of the class and the first real day that he starts going all the time. Nope. Either my memory, my eyesight or my reading ability failed me (or any or all of the above). So I had to tell Carter I made a mistake and that he couldn't stay there. He was pumped about the backpack still, which was a bonus and he took it in to the sitter's house. I had also arranged for the sitter's son to walk him home and had to call the school to cancel that. A message he never received...ahem.

I went back to work and showed the girls the cute pictures of my son on his first NON-day of school. What a dork I am. Oh well, I was prepared, and very early! Days early! After work I picked up both boys and we came home. The weather was crappy. It was blowing and raining and very cold. It was fifty degrees this evening and is supposed to go below freezing tonight. Yuck.

Chris came home and I got ready to go to Bingo with Mom and Kelly and Auntie Josie. I got down to one number a bunch of times, but couldn't win. However, Mom did and went home with a hundred bucks. Yay! We came home and I checked all my messages and finally did my blog catch up. I have no new scrapbook pages. I've started at least a dozen and deleted them. Gotta get my mojo back and get scrapping!

Unbridled enthusiasm on our way in to the school...


Blogger Angie said...

Well. . . .from one dork to another. . . this post sounds exactly like something I would (or did) do!

Hee hee!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007 7:50:00 a.m.  
Blogger Helen Hancock said...

One word for that Melly...what a DAG!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007 7:36:00 p.m.  

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