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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Snotly Snottington (aka the Movie Nazi)

Hmmm. It's Thursday. What did I do yesterday? Went to work and had another of those crazy-busy days. Because I'm a dork I forgot my eyebrow appointment during my lunch hour. We didn't go to Bingo in the evening.

Chris played outside with the boys after work for awhile. I was tiiiiiiiiiiired. Chris's cousin Janet is in town and came over to visit. We had a great visit! Her niece is getting married this weekend and if all goes well we'll be there.

There was a crazy-wicked thunderstorm during and after Janet's visit. I chatted with Angie and Jill a little but the storm was starting to flicker the computer a bit so I shut it down.

Today was a little less chaotic than the past couple days around the office. I took a late lunch hour so Chris and I could take Carter to MEET HIS TEACHER! Yes, my baby is starting school! I really didn't think I was going to, but as soon as we walked in the classroom and the teacher and Carter started interacting, my eyes welled up. I didn't outright bawl, but I surprisingly was all misty. We had a fantastic visit and the teacher asked Carter and us some questions and got him to draw a picture to put on her bulletin board. He even wrote his name on the paper (well sort of...I've never gotten him to do it before but the teacher asked him to and he tried!) You could definitely identify the letters he wrote! ::tear:: So next week he goes for his first real day. Wow.

I took Carter back to the sitter and went back to work. After work I stopped at Chris's shop and he was planning to go fishing after work and Mom had invited us for supper. I stopped in at home to change and there was a message on the answering machine from the video store. It was an automated message that said I have one or more titles that are past due. This was the second time in a week I'd received a message like this. The first time I phoned and talked to a nice guy that assured me that I did not in fact have any movies out. So when I got the message again today, I figured I'd stop in to ask about it.

I explained the message to the woman at the counter who also happens to be the manager. She instantly seemed defensive and stated the call did not come from her. Which I knew. So then I asked why I would receive such a call when I hadn't returned any movies late and it had been over a week since I rented any movies? She said the call comes from 'headquarters' and sometimes their computers are a few days behind. So I asked again, "But why would I get such a call if I hadn't rented a movie in over a week?" Her reply was, "Well you don't have to be MEAN." Huh? What? Exqueeeeeeeeze me? I said, "Mean? I was just asking you a question." And she said, "But you should hear how you sounded". My next reply was likely my last words to her EVER. I said, "You should hear yourself sometimes. Do you ever wonder why your employees keep leaving? And customers?" And I bolted out the door. OMG I felt like crap. I don't think I've ever been MEAN to anyone working in a store, restaurant, whatever. I've never confronted anyone like that before. But she is AWFUL. There. I said it. Ask anyone. She is...the movie nazi. End of story.

So I left all agitated and upset and called my sister. She has had some issues at the same place so I didn't feel so badly. We had an AWESOME supper at Mom and Dad's...a Portuguese meat dish made with fresh venison, fresh garden beans, carrots, and potatoes and deep-fried French fries. Awesome. The boys ate a bit and we visited for awhile and watched a show called "The Lost Room". I've never seen it before but it's very intriguing; now I'd like to rent the series but I'm wondering if I'll be banned from the video store for "being mean". Oy.

I just got home awhile ago. Cooper is asleep and hopefully Carter isn't too far behind. By the way, after I shut down the computer because of the storm last night, my computer was OFF for TWENTY-TWO and A HALF hours. I didn't even check my email yet. Wow the computer junkie left it off for almost a whole day. But I'm back...!


Blogger Angie said...

Holy cow, batman. I'm going over to Hello to see whether or not you're around.

Thursday, September 06, 2007 10:28:00 p.m.  
Blogger *~*Jill*~* said...

oooooh - so NOW I knw what you are doing when there are lulls in our convo's - you're chatting with your original sweetheart ;)

Thursday, September 06, 2007 10:54:00 p.m.  
Anonymous Seija said...

Wow Melly, good for you! I have had a few run-ins with the Movie Nazi myself, and have wished I had the guts to say something. She is definitely not someone I would want to work for!

Friday, September 07, 2007 7:01:00 a.m.  

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