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Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Problem With Pop Tarts

Last night we did end up watching the movie, "The Number 23". I liked it. Definitely not typical Jim Carrey but he was excellent. I liked the story and the twists. And ever since I've been seeing the number 23 everywhere! hee. Chris of course fell asleep about half way through so he'll need to finish it one of these days.

Today Chris worked until noon. In the morning I actually emptied and filled the dishwasher, had a shower and dried my hair, I SHONE MY SINK (I haven't done that classic fly-lady move in ages!), vacuumed the living room. There still may be some remnants of jammy crumbs from the pop tarts the kids have been eating lately. The kids took to them right away when I bought them last week but they are soooooo messy! I'm thinkin' if there are any left I'm gonna stash them for myself and just give the kids peanut butter toast from now on again! Oh and just to make life more interesting, my sweet hubby didn't mention that I bought the wrong kind of vacuum bags last time. So when I wondered why it sucked so bad at sucking, I opened it up to discover the bag had let go of the nozzle inside the machine and there was dirt, dust and Melly hair all over in there. I got it reasonably cleaned up and hooked the bag up as best I could considering it's totally the wrong bag. The suction improved drastically and there are no longer any pop tarts visible with the naked eye.

Awhile after Chris came home both boys fell asleep. I had planned on some heavy-duty cleaning around here but opted for a nap since it's so rare both boys sleep simultaneously! After nap time, we made plans to go out for supper with Mom, Dad, Uncle Cliff and Auntie Lurdes. We went to a new rib restaurant to try it out. It's great. They cook the ribs with a blueberry sauce. Delish! I actually had a grilled chicken burger but I got a taste of the ribs from Mom and Uncle Cliff.

Quite surprisingly, the boys were AWESOME at the restaurant. No major outbursts, Carter ate a TON. I guess I was properly prepared. I brought extra-chocolatey milk for the boys in their sippy cups and bought them candy to use as bribery in case they started going squirrelly. All was well and we all enjoyed our meals. The prices were great too; we'll definitely go back and next time I'll try the ribs too.

We drove back to town and dropped off the 23 movie for Mom and Dad to watch over at Auntie and Uncle's house. We stopped to get another movie and ice cream for the boys. I rented "School for Scoundrels" and "Hannibal Rising". We watched "School for Scoundrels". Again, Chris dozed off but I enjoyed a few laughs while I scrapped and chatted on the computer.

Here is my latest DNTS (Digital's Next Top Scrapper) at Peppermint Creative for Challenge #2. We had to finish the sentence, "I Wish I Was/Were". I opted for vast wealth. But with good reason! You can click on the image to enlarge it and read the journaling and credits.

Here is my latest layout that I just finished for Christina Sturmaggio, the latest new designer at You can click on it to enlarge and see credits.

Now it's getting late...just about one-thirty. I really should go to sleep but that nap today gave me a major second wind!


Blogger Helen Hancock said...

Hi Melly - loved reading all your news. Have a great week ~ Helen

Sunday, August 19, 2007 4:29:00 p.m.  

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