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Sunday, August 19, 2007

To the Fullest

Last night I finally went to sleep just before two. Cooper was up at four-ish, wailing and walking toward our room. When I can muster some mental alertness in this occasion, I cuddle him and take him back to his own bed and wait until he falls asleep. But when I'm ripped from some really yummy sleep, I just grab him and go back to my bed so everyone can stay asleep. So after this point I barely slept because of the little squirmy bed hog!

Surprisingly, I got up fairly early and got ready to go! I dressed Cooper in a cyuuuute little outfit he hadn't worn yet. The beige button-up shirt fit perfectly, though the brown corduroy pants were a tad long. He looked so handsome, and was soooooo good at church! After church we went for breakfast with Mom and Dad, Auntie Lurdes and Uncle Cliff, and Guy and Marie. Cooper was also good at the restaurant, though near the time we left he started getting a bit fidgety and fussy. I just figured he was tired since he didn't sleep great last night either. He fell asleep just before we pulled in the driveway. I tried to carefully take him in the house so he would stay asleep and I could possibly score a nap too, but he woke up.

Chris and Carter had gone out for coffee and arrived home just before Cooper and I did. I decided all of a sudden that I wanted to get some of my scrapbook pages printed (12x12). So I put them on a memory card and left for the pharmacy to get them done. Unfortunately, their equipment for printing large prints was down and will be for a day or two. Bummer. I was thinking about submitting them in the fall fair. I just found out the deadline is tomorrow so I'll try on my lunch hour but I'm thinkin' I wasn't thinkin' soon enough!

I went to another store to see if they printed large prints; I already know our Wal-Mart only prints up to 8x10. I didn't end up getting any printing done, but I bought a new pool for the boys, likely not to be used this year since sadly we seem to be all out of hot days. On my way home Chris called to say he and Carter wanted lunch. I did a McDonald's run for them and headed home.

I was just thinking about attempting a nap (Cooper was asleep by the time I got home) but Cindy stopped by for a visit. We chatted for a bit and she brought us "The Astronaut Farmer". While she was here, Cooper really wanted to go out and play; Carter was already outside with Chris. So I dressed Cooper in some outdoor play clothes and took him out. Cindy left and I played tag with Carter and moved around some of the play equipment in the yard to get it closer to the house. I wanted to move the patio umbrella and this is where it all began... (cue suspenseful music).

I took it in the garage and needed to make a space for it. So I started moving things around and hanging up all the summer toys on the wall. This made me want to do more. Chris left to take his empty beer cases to the beer store and I started to pile up junk on the utility trailer. Each time I made a space I'd sweep up whatever was there and find something new to move. I found five large coolers, TONS of camping stuff from when Chris sold the trailer, unearthed many many many miscellaneous items that I had believed to be lost and gone forever. (These items were inadvertently BURIED in the times my dear sweet hubby "tidied up"). Really. He's a very neat and tidy person, but tidy doesn't have to mean organized in his case. In all the clutter and garbage and mess that I dealt with, I found all our skates. So summer is appearing to be coming to a close, but I am actually looking forward to taking the kids skating this winter. And I hate winter, so this is a big thing!

By the time I conceded to the mess, I had made a highly noticeable difference. The boys were filthy and wet from playing with the garden hose so it was time to come in. Carter promptly stripped himself and I got the bath ready. I brought Cooper in and both boys enjoyed a bubble bath. Next I needed to get supper on. I couldn't believe it was already quarter after six! I had taken some walleye out of the freezer earlier, and they were defrosted. I breaded and seasoned them while I was cooking the potatoes. I nuked some corn and in just a matter of moments supper was ready. Cooper ate almost everything on his plate. Carter, on the other hand, lightly grazed.

Since supper was an evening affair, Carter fell asleep shortly after. He hadn't napped so he zonked out on the floor between the living room and the kitchen. Cooper stayed up to party for quite awhile longer. I got him to settle down with me and we started the movie "Hannibal Rising". I got Cooper down to sleep and in his bed and right on cue Chris had fallen asleep. I watched the rest of the movie. And WOW I can sure see why Hannibal is soooooooo messed up! I liked this prequel to the others in the series; the young dude playing Hannibal did a great job.

Right after the movie ended and I was just starting this marathon blog post, Cooper got up. He was inconsolable. I figured he had a tummy ache so I gave him some gripe water. I rocked him. I walked him. Still heavy-duty crying. He kept biting his finger so I figured maybe it was his teeth. I gave him Tylenol. It was seemingly taking forever to settle him, so I put some Orajel on his gums. He wasn't wildly writhing anymore, but he still wasn't happy. I decided to take him for a ride in the Jeep. Worked like a charm. I drove maybe 6-8 blocks and he was out. I drove down by the lake and back just to make sure he was out and we came home. He woke up when I stopped the Jeep and started to fuss. He asked for milk when we came in and when I set him down to go get it for him, he fell asleep. Whew! What a full day! Now it's twelve-thirty and I had better get to sleep so I can face the day tomorrow!


Blogger Angie said...

Talk about a blog post to get caught up on. . . .WOW!

This is wonderful. Sorry Cooper wasn't feeling well. You should post pics of the garage overhaul!

Monday, August 20, 2007 6:40:00 p.m.  
Blogger Laura aka MiniBullyMom said...'s a Canadian thing! Canadian "sister" couldn't believe that we don't have it in the states. She tells people it is one of the few things she taught me about!

Monday, August 20, 2007 11:55:00 p.m.  

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