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Monday, October 08, 2007

Cooked. AND Baked!

Today was a quiet one. It's been raining and is doomed to continue to do so until at least Wednesday. Ick.

I did only a little tiny bit of cleaning today...just a drop in the bucket. Chris took Carter out to Cindy's place to hang out. Cooper took a bath and had a blast having the tub all to himself. I guess he sort of helped with the cleaning since he dumped much of the bathtub contents on the bathroom floor.

By mid-afternoon he was (finally) ready to take a nap. I was determined to get a nap with just one kid at home! I got up around five when Chris and Carter came back. I started getting stuff ready to make supper. I had alfredo pasta with chicken in mind. I also have been really wanting to make my soft gingersnap cookies but I realized I had no shortening.

So while supper was on the go, I went to run to the store, BEFORE I realized that today is actually Thanksgiving. Oops. Thank God for Shopper's Drug Mart! I picked up some whole wheat rotini, shortening, a couple boxes of baking soda, and searched for garlic bread to no avail. But I remembered there were still some hotdog buns left in the fridge.

I came home and got the rest of supper ready, including some very scorched garlic bread hotdog buns. Oops. Guess I wasn't paying attention when the timer on the microwave beeped for me. We survived just fine without the garlic bread and the boys ate a little bit of supper. Carter has been out of sorts lately because he's on a poop strike again. Not only will he not poop on the toilet, he now is refusing to poop. AT ALL. Oy.

While Carter sat in exile on the toilet, I prepared the cookie dough and let it chill for awhile and watched a bit of TV. Chris went out for coffee with Greg. I helped Carter clean his butt after, though I don't think he actually pooped. ::Sigh:: I quartered the cookie dough and formed it in rolls and put it back in the fridge. Except for one roll. I made about 20 cookies and at this very moment there might be one and a half cookies left. Delish.

And the long weekend is drawing to a close and I likely have nothing for any of us to wear tomorrow. At some point I actually started doing some laundry but I'm not sure where I left off. I'll take a quick peek and if it's too scary I'll just wing it in the morning.


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