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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Walk in the Seventies

I've been scrapping and making stuff. I pulled an all-nighter making some wedding favours for a coworker. It started out with making some pretty table number cards to surprise her, then she liked them enough to ask me to make a table assignment list for the guests. Silly me suggests placecards. Not silly in general, but silly since she had one more workday before leaving for her wedding. They turned out great and she was thrilled. I was toast from three hours of sleep that night but I made it.

Following night I went to bed early...late for Cooper but early for me around nine-thirty or so. He is the worst to sleep with; often reaching over and grabbing my hair, whining he couldn't find his "Num" which is his blanket, or his cup or his pumpkin. Yes, I said pumpkin. A real pumpkin. I picked up some ornamental pumpkins to decorate for Halloween. Cooper really attached himself to one, and he is also obsessed with the inflatable one on our lawn. So my sleep was very interrupted and it came to a point where I exasperatedly got up. Chris was annoyed by my repeated admonishments to Cooper and told me that Cooper is sound asleep when he does this. I thought he would wake up and reach for me but he stays asleep. Good to know.

Anyhoo, it was about twelve-thirty by this point and I got up. I came to the computer and received an email from a friend of a friend whose child's birthday invitations I'd drafted earlier in the evening. I had emailed her a sample and she wrote back accepting it. So I printed twenty of them, along with matching envelopes. I cut them and put magnets on the back of each and went back to bed. But not before I put Cooper in his own bed. All in all I got about seven hours of sleep. Not bad!

Monday we went to Bingo. We meaning Mom and Kelly and me. Despite the lack of winning, we had a good time as always. On the way we stopped at the "Bannock Bus" and I got an Indian Taco and Mom and Kelly got some fries. It's almost as much about eating as playing Bingo.

This morning I got a really awesome email from my cousin Marnie. Kelly and I are dying to go see Michael Bublé when he performs in Winnipeg in January. Mom and Dad are going and Mom said when they booked there were only "nosebleed" seats left. So I emailed Marnie and Sean to borrow their connections to try to get us tickets and man did they come through! Kelly has been in a training workshop all week so each day we've done a drive-by for each other. Hers in the morning and mine at lunchtime. I tried to call her cell to tell her the good news about the concert but it was off since she was in the workshop. So I called the location of the meeting and asked them to get a message to her to call the office. She called shortly after and I told her the great news. She was thrilled. Now I can't wait.

This evening, Kelly and her family had planned to go to the "Vinyl Café" featuring Stuart McLean.But Doug drove back to work last night so she had a spare ticket and took me along. It was very entertaining. Stuart McLean is a talented and humorous storyteller with a greatly-talented group of musicians with him, including as a guest on the tour, Dan Hill. Like one of my all-time favourite singers growing up. Right there! He sang a couple songs that were part of the show and a couple of his own, but then he sang Sometimes When We Touch, one of my all-time favourite songs. We used to have his album back in the day...we're talking the late seventies. I was thrilled. I took a video of the whole song with my camera but it is seriously huge. 400MB huge. Seemingly needless to say I won't be posting it online but I will sure cherish it. I sang along (inside my head so as not to annoy or disgust anyone around me) every single word of it. What a trip down memory lane! He is just as beautiful to listen to today as he was all those years ago, especially live.

Stuart McLean - The Vinyl Café

I've started a couple scrapbook layouts this week but haven't quite finished any. I hope to get a few more things done this weekend. Now I'm going to go to sleep humming that song...thanks again Kelly - that was awesome!

P.S. Hey Seija, Chris wants to know what time the hockey game starts tomorrow night...


Blogger Angie said...


Loved the entry, too. Last night. . .sorry, I disappeared. Between recuperating Ralph, and my parents dropping over. .. I was a lost cause.

Today - Mark has taken Caroline out for a "fun date day" and I'm home with Ralph. . .again.

I think I may drag his "narcotic induced coma butt" out to the van, to get him some fresh air.

I need it. . .


p.s. I'd have called you yesterday, but my phone was dying. I may try today! ; )

Friday, October 19, 2007 10:35:00 a.m.  

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