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Monday, December 24, 2007

Shoulda Coulda Woulda

Well, if I'd gotten around to sending out Christmas cards this year, this is basically what they would have looked like, but with a new picture. This is last year's Christmas picture, with this year's card. ::Sigh:: I guess I have been too busy doing all sorts of other projects to focus on doing my own! So if you will, please just pretend you have received this in the mail!

A few nights ago, Kelly and I did a quasi-late-night shopping trip to Wal-Mart. We left around quarter to eleven and by the time we were done shopping and waiting in line at the check-out for over half an hour, we were outta there by quarter to one. Chris had called me just as we were next in line to tell me Cooper had just power-puked (fortunately on the kitchen floor) so I felt compelled to rush home, although both Kelly and I were dying for a sandwich and treat from Tim Horton's. Oh well. He seemed fine when I got home but was awake for quite awhile after.

I had Friday off and spent the day running many errands and finishing up a calendar project for a coworker that I do each year. Did some last minute gift shopping and delivery for Carter's teacher and our babysitter. I took Carter to school and did a bit more stuff before having to pick up the boys from the sitter for the last time before 2008.

The weekend was spent doing some more last-minute shopping (thank God I didn't venture out to any stores today!) and we did a bit of visiting. Last night we went to Auntie Lurdes and Uncle Cliff's place for some Christmas cheer. I did a whole pile of wrapping last night and still have some small stuff to wrap...

My cold is still lingering. The cough is downgraded to occasional, but still makes me sound like an old phlegm-y smoker. Ick. I'm currently breathing through both nostrils, though it's likely a temporary relief. We'll see if I can shake this thing once and for all!


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