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Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Afternoon Killer

Yesterday was a BUSY day at work. Cooper's doctor appointment was uneventful; looks like we just have to avoid dairy for him. That'll be a challenge. I took both kids and the doctor had a peek in Cooper's ears and nose and throat, and in Carter's ears too so he wouldn't feel left out. The boys sat so patiently waiting over an hour before going in to see the doctor.

I took them back to the sitter and went back to work. Kelly and I went out for a quick lunch with her friend Shawna. I had my recent favourite; chicken fingers with honey mustard sauce and a Greek salad. I am a total mustard HATER but at this place, the honey mustard sauce does not resemble mustard aside from the fact that it is yellow. And it's odd to me that I like feta cheese; Greek salad is one of my favourite things now (except for the green peppers). I ate and ran to pick up Carter to take him to school.

The afternoon was busy too; I was covering a lot of stuff as well as answering the phone a squillion times and finishing up month-end. After work I picked up the boys and Kelly came with us to the pharmacy so I could get some 'Lacteeze' pills for Cooper, hoping it will help with his lactose issue.

Chris's Dad brought over some pizza and we had supper; first opportunity to try the enzyme pills for Cooper. He ended up having a very rough night. Now I'm not sure if it had to do with the pizza (even though he had one of the pills) or from the ear infection and fever. Both boys were up on a regular basis through the night.

They dozed off an on this morning too, and by the time Chris was home from work at noon, I got them ready to go to the hospital, since Carter started screeching about a sore ear. We went to the hospital around one o'clock. We were seen by the triage nurse quickly, then we waited. And we waited. Then we were eventually taken into an exam room and we waited a bit more. The young doctor was nice and examined both boys, immediately determining that each has an ear infection. Carter's left and Cooper's right. He didn't get a very good peek into Cooper's mouth but since he was already going to be prescribed antibiotics he didn't bother using the tongue depressor.

We packed them up and headed for Wal-Mart to get their prescriptions and some groceries, including more Tylenol and Motrin. We left Wal-Mart at five-thirty. Talk about a long afternoon! We stopped at McDonald's drive-thru on the way home. Both boys requested McNugget Happy Meals. When we got home I drew up the new medicine and Carter took his all by himself.

Cooper, on the other hand is at the lovely stage of spitting out the medicine. I sort of don't blame him; he's had plenty of medicine this week and this antibiotic tastes very bitter. I tried to squirt the (less than a teaspoon) in his mouth all at once, and he just let it ooze out all down his face, neck and even into his ear. Ick. Then his mouth was watering like crazy and he kept spitting since he had such a bad taste in his mouth.

Poor kid. I tried again, this time trying just a little bit but the same thing happened. I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet; I just don't remember what I did with Carter when he started doing that. Carter has been on antibiotics many times and he did this too a few years ago. If I can't get any in him by tomorrow I'll have to call the doctor or pharmacist to ask for another option. Cooper fell asleep and is beside me on the couch. Carter fell asleep at about six-thirty. And I think I'm going to have a pretty early night myself, until these kids get up and start yelling at me. Wish me luck!


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You've won an award over on my blog. Thank you for the inspiration!

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