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Monday, March 17, 2008

CAT Scan Fever

Yeah, another lame attempt at a pseudo song title. Since my last post Mom has spent a few days in the hospital waiting to be taken to the nearest CT Scan equipment.

On Friday night Kelly and her friend Shawna and I attempted to go on an impromptu Bingo date. We drove all the way there (toting our Dominos pizzas!) only to find it was canceled. We headed back to town, disappointed that our plans for the evening were dashed. Shawna suggested we go to Warehouse One, a clothing store that, surprisingly, was still open! We all bought a few items. Mine were a nice pair of shorts and two matching shirts for Chris, a hooded zipper sweatshirt with nice fuzzy stuff on the inside and a brown shirt to match it.

We went to Kelly's for a bit and had a visit before going home, still much earlier than I was expected to return. Chris was pleasantly surprised; for one that he didn't have to wrangle the kids all evening by himself, and two that I came home bearing gifts!

Saturday Chris worked 'til noon and I had an eyebrow wax appointment after one o'clock. I came home and Chris took Carter fishing at Mom & Dad's. I stayed home with Cooper and worked on some birthday invitations for a coworker's son. Apparently Carter had a blast and did NOT want to get off the snowmobile. I talked to Mom late in the afternoon and she was having the same recurring awful pain she'd been suffering with all week, and it was getting unmanageable again. Dad called me after supper to say he was taking her up to the hospital again. I finished up with my hair, since I was dying it when he called, and I dressed and did my hair and face before heading up. Chris and Carter weren't home yet, so I was getting Cooper ready to go up to the hospital for a visit when Dad called to say Mom was feeling better and was going home.

That was shortlived, since as soon as Mom moved to get dressed she was instantly in agony again. So they've finally started really paying attention to everything that is happening with her and have arranged for a CT scan. Since she is an inpatient, she can make the trip to the scan via ambulance, which will be far less agonizing than traveling sitting upright in a car. Thank God. So she's been there so far since Saturday and will be there a couple more days at least. Thankfully she has a private room, which makes it more bearable. They are managing her pain and though she NEVER SLEEPS, she is getting some much-needed rest.

Hopefully this is the path that will lead to proper treatment of her monstrous spleen. I've been taking turns taking the boys up to see her and on my lunch break today I stopped in. She was in need of more jammies, so I gave her a pair that I had bought for Cindy for her birthday next week. I've had these pajamas since my Bublé trip in January; it was a long-since plan to give them to Cindy, but as soon as Mom needed them they were reappropriated. (oh yeah? well if it wasn't a word before, it is now). Cindy thought that was pretty funny when I told her that, because she is going away for her birthday so when she was over the other day I offered to give her her birthday present. She said no, just wait until she comes back from her trip. Well, those jammies could have been hers but she missed that boat! Now I'm back to the drawing board on what to get HER! But Mom loved them.

This evening I went to Wal-Mart to get Mom another pair of jammies and some socks and stuff. I went to visit her and she had a shower and washed her hair and I dried and ironed it for her. Then she was feeling awful after that; I think it took a lot out of her walking to the shower room and sitting up while I did her hair. They gave her some meds and I left her to rest after visiting with her and Dad for awhile.

I came home and both boys were still going strong. I thought for sure at least Carter would be asleep since he didn't nap today and he was pretty sleepy when we came home after work. Now Cooper is asleep beside me and hopefully Carter has fallen asleep watching Bee Movie for the umpteenth time. Y'know, (as Beth's daughter puts it), the movie about a bee that falls in love with a human, where they never even address the fact that they're from different species! Beth, that's basically the synopsis of the movie. Add a little Seinfeldian humour and that's a wrap!

And that's a wrap for me, but not before sharing a couple layouts I did over the weekend. YES, I scrapped again. Finally! Christy came out with a new kit called By the Sea available at Sophia Sarducci Designs.

I'm hoping this means I have my scrapping mojo back and I'll be cranking out some more!


Blogger Angie said...

Tell your mom that I'm praying for her. I am so sorry.

I don't have my mojo back, yet. But, I *do* at least have these new kits uploaded. . .yes, I mean all the way back to the kiddie art one, and the steam punk one.


Of course, this is one of my busiest weeks.. . .

Monday, March 17, 2008 10:12:00 p.m.  

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