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Monday, March 10, 2008


The weekend...a family one. Nice. Quiet. Relaxing.

Friday was a great workday; Diane came back to help Donna in her department; always nice to have her back! We went for a Chinese buffet for lunch with Silvia and I ran off to take Carter to school. Carter won a prize in his school's prize auction. A book and a bath puppet. Fun stuff!

After work I was pooooooped. So stuffy in the head. I picked up the boys and came home and kind of melted onto the couch. Chris had stayed at work to fix his truck and by the time he came home I ordered pizzas (OMGDOMINOESPIZZAISMYNEWFAVOURITE!!!) Cindy and family arrived just before the pizza did and we pigged out. We had a visit with them and Carter had fallen asleep at five o'clock. He didn't even wake the whole time they visited. HE SLEPT UNTIL FIVE-THIRTY THE NEXT MORNING! The kid must be going through a growth spurt or something!

Saturday Chris had a first aid course to attend. I suited up the boys in the morning and we headed to Tim Horton's. I fulfilled my French vanilla craving and got the boys blueberry muffins and a French vanilla each too. We came home and they devoured their muffins (the tops at least) and Cooper was the sole Roll-Up-The-Rim-To-Win winner; he won a donut! We had leftover pasta Cindy brought over. It was awesome. Bonus that I didn't have to cook, too! After supper we went to Cindy's for a visit. We hung out for awhile with their family and came home around nine or so. The boys went to sleep shortly after. So did I. Edited to add: On the way home from Cindy's house, I swear we saw a UFO...Chris of course mocked me but there was an unusual low-flying object that was standing still in the sky that began moving very me crazy? Maybe we've been watching E.T. too many times? Hmmmmm.

Sunday Chris had the second half of his course to go to. He was done by about lunchtime and went out fishing. I was a bit messed up with the time change. Some things change themselves such as the computer and the cable box. Anything else of course had to be changed manually. Fortunately Chris woke up before he needed to, since we'd gone to bed so early and forgot all about daylight savings time!

Sunday evening held an even earlier bedtime for us all. We were watching E.T. in the boys' room and Chris zonked out in there. I came back out to the living room to do a bit more printing and soon the boys joined me, since Chris was snoring loudly enough to interfere with their movie-watching. We left Chris in there contorted into Carter's bed and the boys came and crashed on my bed with me. Surprisingly they settled very quickly and I was able to go to sleep early again!

Today was a lightning-fast workday. Diane was in again and there were five of us that went out for lunch. I had my current favourite of chicken fingers with honey mustard sauce and a Greek salad. Not sure if I've mentioned before how much I hate all condiments, particularly mustard and any variation of it. But this honey mustard sauce ROCKS. It was an especially relaxing lunch since I didn't have to run off and take Carter to school (Three Cheers for March Break!) The afternoon flew by much like the morning did. Next thing I knew it was already time to pick up the boys.

Still feeling like I'd just eaten lunch because the afternoon went by so fast, I picked up Happy Meals for the boys and headed home. Chris had spent the day at home so he was here when we arrived. I've got some more printing to do this evening so I'm hoping to stay awake for a few more hours!


Blogger Angie said...

So, this march break thing....? all week?

Monday, March 10, 2008 9:25:00 p.m.  

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