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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fall Fair Fun

Yeah, we had fun at the fair with the kids this year, but really, thank God it's just once a year!

It's been a busy week at the office. That and we weren't up to too much at home and I don't recall too much exciting blog fodder that I might be missing.

But so far the highlight of the week was taking the kids to the fair. Chris came home and showered and we headed out right away. We went to the bank and took out a loan to go to the fair then Chris decided he wanted to go to the car wash first. Half an hour later we were finally on our way to the fair.

We had to park way back in the tall cabbage when we arrived but as we walked through the field to get to the fair I found a perfect parking spot. I ran back for the Jeep and luckily got the spot. It's nice to know that when the kids are totally losing their cool from sheer exhaustion after fair time that the vehicle is parked nearby!

We quickly walked through the exhibition hall to check on my layout I submitted for the scrapbooking exhibit. I only have four 12x12 layouts printed, but it was still a tough choice of which one to submit. I do believe mine is the only digital scrapbooking page, so it will be interesting to see if they include me in the running.

We ventured to the food booths and ate hamburgers then braved the throngs along the midway. We purchased wristbands for the kids to the tune of sixty dollars (stabbing pains to the chest; especially since I missed the pre-sale where we could have saved eighteen bucks.) The kids enjoyed all the kiddie rides and I took a few pictures which will be posted below. The four of us actually rode on the big ferris wheel together. We would have ridden on the smaller one but they were busy cleaning puke off it so we opted for the other one!

Both boys really enjoy the rides, which makes me very happy. I'm hoping they're going to be roller coaster lovers later on in case we get to take them to a real amusement park when they get bigger.

We played a few games and I won a puny little teddy bear for rolling a bowling ball just right. We wasted a few more bucks playing games, but the kids had a blast playing for those dinky little toys that we could have purchased a gross of at the dollar store for less money. Such is the fall fair though, and I just don't think we could miss it.

Carter started having a bit of a meltdown; boy that kid can whine! While the kids were on the dragon roller coaster, I actually went and bought a Coke so he could level out his sugar and get a bit of caffeine to keep him from being so tired and whiny. Yeah, I know. Mother of the Year. Not.

We all went on another ride together; the strawberries. We made sure to get our own 'car' so that we, the grown-ups could control the spinning. It was great fun; the kids really got a kick out of it. Unfortunately the kids are a bit small for the swings. Y'know, those things that wing out nearly horizontally and travel at warp speed? Yeah, I wanted to go on them. Maybe next year I can talk one of them into joining me.

We finally decided to pull the plug on all the fun and went to look at the animals before we left. Chris got the requisite homemade milkshake and I picked up the candy apples and cotton candy.

We came home and the kids made their attempts at eating their candy apples. I was so pleased they gave up easily and I got to eat mine and finish theirs. On that note, I'd best be going to brush my teeth before bed. Here are the pictures...


Blogger Angie said...

Such fun!!! I love the pics!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008 9:14:00 p.m.  
Blogger Ernie said...

There's nothing else like the food at the fair, is there... :)

Wednesday, September 03, 2008 11:13:00 p.m.  

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