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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Forty-Three Million Dollars

I didn't win forty-three million dollars. That's how much the lottery jackpot was tonight. Oy vey. I did manage to get to Bingo tonight, with my Mom and Auntie Lurdes and Auntie Maggie. Auntie Maggie was the lucky winner of our bunch, though we all had many close calls, and a good time.

Work was swamped again but by tomorrow I should have everything caught up again. After work I picked up the boys and got them Happy Meals for supper. I picked up Dad's lottery tickets he forgot to get while he was in town, and did a quick stop at Tim Horton's before picking up my two aunts and Mom for Bingo.

Yesterday our sleepy little town had some excitement. There was a high-speed chase and our local police had a few roadblocks with the big guns out. Some guy stole a car and robbed a couple places in a nearby town and managed to get past a police roadblock. The police spent most of the afternoon chasing and trying to pinpoint the guy. Seems they almost had him but when the guy sped out of the McDonald's parking lot at one point, a motorist wouldn't yield to the police car and the dude got away. They did get the guy and I imagine he's gotten himself into a heap of trouble. Sirens could be heard all afternoon all over the place.

So the past couple days have been pretty nice weather-wise aside from a hearty yet brief thunderstorm this afternoon. Where I work the heavy rain just sounds like a big roar on the roof. There were a few good cracks of thunder then the next time I looked outside it was sunny again. Weird.

I realize I keep saying I'm going to post pictures but I've been going to bed fairly early lately since we got back from camping. I'm going to see if I can stay up late enough tonight to sort through some and get them posted here...


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