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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Poor Mr. Sun

Well the weather is trying hard to resemble summer, but it keeps getting mucked up with clouds and thunderstorms. Very tiresome. I'm just praying that it's waiting for my vacation. Not that I want to wait. These kids LOVE to play outside.

I had to make notes on the whiteboard last night 'cause I fell asleep really early with Cooper and wasn't conscious enough to blog when I woke up hours later. The boys were able to play outside briefly after supper. Supper was great, and both boys actually ate some. I seasoned some pork medallions and made some roasted chicken-flavoured rice (that I nearly burnt!) and steamed fresh snow peas, which the boys ate quite a few of before I cooked them! The boys enjoyed quite a few fresh, plump blueberries for dessert.

Here is a picture of the boys playing outside after supper. I had run to Wal-Mart with Cooper after supper and replaced their broken water guns with new ones, along with picking up some milk and other essentials. They aren't allowed to put water in them until we go camping, but they sure had fun pretending anyway.

I've been having a hard time getting Cooper to bed, and keeping him in his own bed. I gave him some warm milk as usual and as usual he wanted more. So I gave him more. A little while later he complained of a tummy ache (which he does EVERY time he chug-a-lugs two drinks of milk). But this time, he had that look. I picked him up and he did not want to be held. I stayed in the kitchen (linoleum floor) and almost instantly he barfed a big huge barf that resembled blueberry yogurt. Yeah, EWW. I was holding him in such a way that he completely missed (1) my hair, (2) his and my clothes, yet made a nasty big splash on the floor.

Chris briefly arrived on the scene from the living room. I got him to keep Cooper away and I switched to vomit patrol. I ended up mopping the whole kitchen, which it needed anyway. I gave Cooper a little gripe water because he told me he was sick, which I knew he really wasn't, and I figured it would help his tummy feel better anyway. He didn't end up going to sleep until at least ten thirty. Ugh.

So when he crawls into our bed at all hours of the night, I'm not usually conscious enough to get up and put him back in his own. At least he's improved a little as far as being a bed-hog, but I still don't want him to rely on it too much. This morning I put him back to bed around four I think, and it disturbed him enough to get him whining about not wanting to sleep in his own bed. I stayed with him just long enough for him to go back to sleep. Carter surprised the heck out of me. He came into our room at three twenty-five. I figured he wet the pull-up I had on him but he was dry. He told me he had to pee! Yay! He peed on the toilet and went back to bed.

Then when I got up this morning he advised me he had pooped in that very same pull-up. ::sigh:: So I removed the offending undergarment and gave him a shower. I washed the remaining colour off his scalp from the hairdo Kelly gave him last week, and hosed off any remaining residue off him and sent him on his way. I had to wash and iron my hair this morning so then it was my turn for a shower. Of course by this time Cooper wanted to get in the water so he and Carter shared a bath after I was done. The water was on for about twenty-five minutes in total. Good thing I only shower once a week! (But seriously, I do bathe as well!)

Today was a very bizarre weather day. It was cool but relatively nice out this morning, then we had a torrential downpour about mid-morning. By the time I had my lunch break, it was BEEEEEYOOOOOOTEEEEEEEFUL outside. Clouds still moved around for most of the afternoon but the kids played outside a little again today. We had ''Toonie Tuesdays'' from Kentucky Fried Chicken that Chris picked up on his way home. Chris moved the camper into the driveway so it's easier to prepare. The back yard is so soft it became impossible to push by hand to turn it so I helped him guide the Jeep to pull it around to move it out.

Luckily I remembered I needed to bake a cake this evening (which I was going to do yesterday...duh!) for a coworker. I'm going to turn it into Death by Chocolate, but I'll finish preparing it in the morning. I ran to Wal-Mart while the cake was baking to pick up chocolate mousse and THEY DIDN'T HAVE ANY. I really didn't want to go to Safeway, so I opted to use Cool Whip for all the layers instead. No biggie. I remembered my mixer got thrown out last time I nearly electrocuted myself with it so whipping the mousse would have been some serious manual labour anyway.

I've actually done a couple scrapbooking layouts lately. The kids have been going to sleep later and later lately so by the time they do, I'm either asleep with them or not far behind. Makes it hard to get stuff done in the evenings! I'll have to develop a new dinnertime espresso routine or something to be able to burn the midnight oil like I used to. Carter just got up and he's not feeling well. He's as warm as toast so I gave him some Motrin. He just zonked out again, so I'm going to transport him to his bed and keep an eye on him for a few minutes then I guess I'm going to go crash too.

Here are those layouts:
(you can click on them to enlarge them and see credits for each)


Blogger Angie said...

Well, you KNOW I love this layout. I haven't shown any of the extended family. . .because they're going to be demanding copies! : )

Wednesday, July 16, 2008 11:20:00 p.m.  

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