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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Just About Out

I'm all set to fall asleep but since I'm in laptop land I figure I should post about this beautiful day. Chris worked until noon then we started getting stuff ready to come out to Mom and Dad's for the day. Their neighbours have an annual fish derby and fish fry that we join them at.

Today was theeeeeeeeee most beautiful day of the year thus far. Hot hot hot. LOVING IT. I sure hope this is our official beginning of summer! I just checked the weather network and it's still twenty-five degrees out there. Dad just turned on the central air for the very first time, and what a perfect day to try it out.

The kids played outside in the lake most of the afternoon. The supper was fantastic. I brought over a taco salad and there were so many other things to eat. FRESH, deep-fried walleye and fries, baked beans (eyewwwww but everyone else seems to love them with fish), assorted salads and OMGEXCELLENTDESSERTS!!! We definitely pigged out.

We called it a night early and brought the kids in after playing in the lake for awhile again. Mom cuddled Carter for about five seconds before he passed out (seriously) and Cooper was still going strong for quite awhile. Both of them didn't nap so I figured they'd go to bed early. I mean, I DID let Cooper have an ice-cap fromTim Horton's today (a small) and he drank the whole thing in under ten minutes but that was around one o'clock and I didn't think he'd still be up from that. He did also have some brownies that probably perked him right up again.

Anyway, I brought our portable DVD player and was winding him down with a movie when the neighbours started lighting a bit of fireworks. Cooper got a kick out of that. My Dad lit up a few of them too, and when they were all done, Cooper had a few swigs of warm milk and zonked out watching his movie. I moved them both into the spare room. They slept well together last week in Thunder Bay so Mom figured it was a good spot for them on the hide-a-bed. So far so good.

Chris and I are staying nearby on the couches in case the kids wake up in unfamiliar territory and freak out or head for the stairs.

Here is a picture from today; I hear the distant rumbling of thunder so I'd better get this done and unplug this thing quickly! By the way, I picked up some super soaker-type water guns for the kids for the first time and they were a hyuuuuuge hit!


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