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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Metacarpal Mishaps and Graduation Week!

It's Saturday! And that means Soccer Day! It was a beautiful morning. One I'd like to have lingered in bed longer but it was much better spent going to soccer. I had a heck of a time finding Carter's soccer jersey (of all the days to misplace it - team pictures today!)

I eventually found it and gave it a quick handwash in the sink. I laid it out on a towel and folded the towel over and stepped all over it. Next I threw it in the dryer with a couple towels to finish it up. This all happened just moments before Carter had to go to soccer.

Since I wasn't ready yet, I suggested to Chris that he bring Carter to soccer and I would follow with Cooper after in the stroller. Very nice day for a walk and I found the greatest shortcuts to the soccer fields so we were there within about twenty minutes. They took individual and team pictures for everyone. Carter played a little more enthusiastically today and took far fewer 'breaks' than usual. He even made a couple saves when he played goalie. Cool! Here is a picture of him in net making a save.

As we were leaving, I was pushing Cooper in the stroller toward the parking lot and he started SCREAMING. I looked down and Chris noted that Cooper's finger was pinched in the hinge of the stroller where it collapses. We got his finger out and it had an indentation in it. Ouch. Poor guy. I consoled him and by the time we got back to the Jeep he was fine. I figured it would turn his fingernail purple and be in rough shape but there's not a mark on it now.

After soccer we went to Tim Horton's. The kids had some sort of strawberry blossom donut and we shared a box of Timbits. I have been laying off the French vanilla cappuccino but I had one today. Yum. We went across to Wal-Mart so I could pick up toothpaste. Since when is toothpaste eighty-four dollars? Since I bought four tubes and added a bunch of shampoo and conditioner and milk and toothbrushes!

We cruised around a little then came home. We played around a bit then I told the kids they could watch a movie in the camper (oh by the way we now have a eight-foot tent trailer; it's cute!) So the kids were goofing off as usual and Cooper slammed the door. ON.CARTER'S.THUMB. Oy vey another hand injury. Carter's thumb had every indentation from the doorframe and weatherstripping on his thumb. There is a dark purple bruise right on his knuckle. Good thing kids' bones aren't as hard as adults, and I pray it's not broken. I brought him in the house and first ran his thumb under cold water, which he HATED. Next I took him in the living room and calmed him down. I encouraged him to show me if his thumb was still working. He can straighten and bend it, which I figure is a good sign.

He wanted to lie down in our room so I brought an ice pack and rested his thumb on it. While I was looking for the Children's Tylenol, I found a Lifesavers storybook in the cupboard. Nice timing. I consoled him with candy and amid his sniffles he dozed off. I still have his thumb resting on the icepack and I'm sitting beside him blogging on the new laptop. If he still has trouble later I'll take him up to the hospital, but I'm hoping it will be okay.

So as for the remainder of the week that I didn't blog, it was kind of a blah week at work. The one evening I actually felt like blogging was Thursday, but our internet was down. I've had to change my lunch schedule so I'm often taking a one o'clock lunch instead of my usual twelve so it's been a bit of an adjustment, particularly because Carter is still in school and I usually take him to school on my lunch hour. Chris has been a big help this week.

Thursday was an extra cool day. Carter had his junior kindergarten graduation. OMGTHATWASTHECYUUUUUTESTTHINGEVER. I had picked up a pair of black dress pants and nice shoes, a white dress shirt and a zipper tie. I'd never seen one before; those things rock! I didn't try anything on him; I just brought it all in the Wal-Mart bag to the sitter's house and asked her to help dress him before we picked him up. Chris took him to school and went home to shower. I got off for lunch and ran to the store to grab some dainties to bring (as if I baked!) I picked up Chris and we headed for the school. Cindy joined us, which was cool because I remember taking Carter to Noah's graduation just five short years ago.

The kids sang songs and recited poems and individually went up to receive their diplomas. The teacher (OMGTHEMOSTAWESOMETEACHEREVER) really went out of her way on the mortar boards and gowns with blue sashes for the boys and pink for the girls. At the end of their last poem, they all tossed their hats into the air. And yes, I do have more pictures! (And no, I am NOT pregnant; just not sucking it in enough in a white shirt that drapes over all my...uh...curves.)

Carter's teacher interviewed each kid asking a series of questions. When she was calling each child up to receive his/her diploma, she recited the interview.

1. What is your favourite thing to do at home? Make cookies.
2. How old will you be in twenty years? Fifty-one.
3. What will you be when you grow up? Spiderman.
4. Where will you live? In Oxdrift with my Mom.
5. What will you do in your free time? Get goodies from other houses.

Way too cute. The teacher did a PowerPoint presentation with activities and pictures of all the kids throughout the school year. I was ready to whip out my thumb drive and grab it from her laptop, but at the little reception after the graduation, there was a table at the back of the gym with a portfolio for each kid, with a CD of the presentation. Inside the CD case is a laminated list of the questions she asked, along with the CD in a jewel case. The portfolio is a bound scrapbook with a page for each month showing pictures of Carter, artwork (all pieces laminated) that he has done throughout the school year...this book is an AMAZING keepsake. A real labour of love that this wonderful teacher did for all of her students. Over thirty of them between her morning and afternoon classes! I sure hope that we get her as a teacher for Cooper next year! (Yes, my baby is going to school a year from September!!!)

Well, if we could depend on the weather long enough we might just decide to go camping. But with the torrential downpour this afternoon and the booming thunder, I'm guessing we're sticking close to home. Perhaps we'll camp out in the back yard tonight! Popcorn and movies and playing cards in the great outdoors sounds like fun to me! (Not to mention I'm picking up someone's wireless signal and I can always bring along the laptop! heehee.


Anonymous michelle said...

My little cousin graduated from kindergarten this year too, it was definitely the cutest thing for the family!

Sunday, June 22, 2008 1:50:00 p.m.  
Blogger Angie said...

Oh my word!!! These pictures are precious. . .and heck yeah, you need that teacher for Cooper, too.

Sunday, June 22, 2008 11:30:00 p.m.  
Blogger Helen Hancock said...

oh Melly.....what a blog. Great pics

Tuesday, June 24, 2008 10:47:00 p.m.  

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