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Saturday, July 05, 2008

It's Not Attempted Mariticide, Honey, It's Just a Bit of Exercise

After work yesterday, we all came home. I ran a couple errands then came home. The kids stayed outside to play while Chris mowed the lawn. I came inside and dyed my hair. My highlights were looking drab so I coloured over my whole lid. Much better.

Next we took the kids for a walk in the stroller. (I nominated Chris to drive it.) The main goal was to walk downtown to pick up some hairspray, but I had plans to go for a nice walk along the river and find something to eat along the way. I had apprised Chris of my intentions but he still wore his flip-flops. Silly man. We walked along the path (didn't take pictures this time because they'd have been the same as last time) by the river and looped back around with a stop at Dairy Queen. We hadn't eaten supper yet, just a few snacks for the boys, so we ate there. I had a grilled chicken salad and a few of the boys' onion rings. Chris had the Ultimate combo and the boys (sort of) shared a cheeseburger. And oddly we completely skipped any form of dessert.

We continued on our little trek (with Chris taking more frequent pauses to flick the rocks out of his sandals and making comments about how far we'd walked) and came home. The boys wanted to watch a movie, so I set them up and it wasn't long before they were both zonked. Did I say both? I mean all three. Chris fell asleep shortly after too. I must mention that while Chris doesn't enjoy going out for a walk, it's not out of laziness (that would by MY excuse) he just works a very physical job all day and considers that his exercise regimen. I don't blame him, but it's really nice to get all of us out of the house together. This morning before he left for work, he said he really enjoyed our walk last night. I just smiled. :)


Blogger Theresa Hernandez said...

awww, that all just paints such a sweet picture in my head. What exactly is marticide though? That threw me... also? Did I mention I'm jealous you live close enough you can walk to downtown?

Saturday, July 05, 2008 11:25:00 p.m.  

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