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Thursday, July 03, 2008

You Know You're a Bad Blogger When...

Your parents start commenting it's been awhile since you blogged!!!

Well it's been a busy week. And I have only distant memories of my activities of the past week since I blogged. I do know that any contact with my computer has been for projects for other people. And now that I am caught up I can have some fun this weekend.

We had a great (and quick) trip to Thunder Bay to attend my cousin Debbie's wedding last Saturday. On Sunday we stopped at Kakabeka Falls on the way home and we took some great pictures that are still awaiting an upload.

With Canada (Me) Day on Tuesday being a national holiday, the week has been split up in an odd way and here we are almost at Friday. Tonight I went to Bingo with Mom and Kelly. Kelly won once, split with another winner and then with me, so it wasn't a complete loss! Yay for yelling Bingo!

Not sure what our plans are for the weekend but the weather is looking up. I'll be sure to blog all those pictures later too.


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