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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

She's Got Her Baby Back Baby Back Baby Back

The day started off great, with a stop at Tim Horton's, though they did forget Kelly's bagel and we didn't bother going back. The drive was going fantastically until that silly policeman decided to blast a quick u-turn and pull us over. Crap.

My dear friend Kelly has had a bit of a lead foot the past year or so and has had a couple speeding tickets. We were in the rental car still, on the way to pick up her vehicle in Winnipeg, by the way. She handed him her license and registration (for HER vehicle, not the rental) and he commented on the Manitoba plates on the car compared to the Ontario vehicle registration she handed him. Hmmm. So she explained that it was a rental car and he proceeded to request from her the rental car agreement. Which she had no idea she needed, and it was at home. Crap. Apparently when you rent a car you're supposed to keep said document with you at all times.

He took her license back to the cruiser and she could see him reach into the back seat to retrieve his ticket book. Crap. After awhile, he came back with a ticket in his hand. He said he was going to just give her a warning for the speeding...WHEW!!!...wait for it...wait for it...BUT he was going to give her a ticket for 'failure to produce' the registration information. Crap. Oh well. Still better than a speeding ticket. That would have been $139 and four demerits. This ticket was $110 and no points taken away. So crap but not as much crap as it could have been.

We carried along on our way and it was a beautiful day for a drive. We arrived at the rental car place thanks to my expert navigation. (heehee thanks Google maps!) The rental car people drove us to the car repair place and there was Kelly's shiny shiny vehicle.

Reunited and it feeeeeeeeeeels so goooooooood!!! :)

Everything was fixed, and Kelly had phoned the dealership where she bought the vehicle to find out the mileage the last time she was in for service (about a week before it was stolen). When we got in the vehicle, she noted the thugs couldn't have driven it more than about one or two hundred kilometres, which was good to know despite the fact that we have no way of knowing how the vehicle was treated by those little jerks.

The next order of business was to push the OnStar button. They greeted her with the name of the previous owner of her vehicle, and she corrected them and proceeded to register for Onstar. What an amazing, great service they provide (for a monthly fee of course). Seriously too bad she didn't have it registered at the time it was stolen. Hyuuuge bummer. Anyhoo, she's all set up now, though she'll NEVER EVER EVER drive that vehicle to Winnipeg again. If she ever needs to go there again she will be renting a vehicle.

Next stop was Ben's dentist appointment. We went early hoping he'd be seen early. We found a close parking spot in an indoor parkade and walked to the dentist office. We waited about a half an hour and leave it to geeky ol' me, I brought my laptop with me again! I never let it out of my sight all day and actually used it a few times throughout the day, mostly to upload pictures from the camera. We left the dentist office and went to Red Lobster (how predictable was THAT?) and we pigged out. We even sat in the same booth we did last month when we were there. After a delicious (and awesomely garlic-soaked) lunch, we dropped off Ben and his buddy Jared at the shopping mall and drove down the street to Costco. I was terrified for Kelly's vehicle. Again, I brought the laptop with me and it sat right there in the shopping cart like it was my baby.

We did a bit of shopping and called the boys to meet us back at the shopping mall entrance where we left them. Then it was time to gas up and go. We stopped at a Burger King for a last minute pee break and I grabbed a Triple-Whopper meal for Chris (no Burger King in our town!) and we hit the highway. We had seen at least seven or eight police vehicles this morning in Ontario alone and never saw another for the rest of the trip. (Yay!)

I got home and the guys helped me bring in my Costco stuff. Carter and Cooper were sound asleep. I'm wide awake from all the caffeine I had today. By the time I finally get around to sleeping, I'm sure one of the kids will be up.

A couple more pictures...we had to stop for construction on the way home and while we did we were quite entertained by this beautiful rainbow. My camera did not do it justice. It was a double rainbow with layers and layers of beautiful vivid colour. The other picture is of Ben and Jared during the same construction stop.

So all in all, a pretty good day. Kelly's got her baby back!


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You sure say crap a lot!


Thursday, July 17, 2008 11:40:00 p.m.  

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