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Monday, July 07, 2008

Intense - Funny and Serious

Work was quick today, like most Mondays are. At lunch I visited Chris and brought lunch with me. We ate a quick bite together then I headed back to work.

After work I picked up the boys. Carter had napped but Cooper (oddly) hadn't. Seems they're switching places in the napping department lately. Weird. So Cooper fell asleep shortly after I picked the two of them up.

We all came home and Cindy stopped by with two out of four of the kids. They had eaten at Pizza Hut and had a spare pizza to bring us. Sweeeeeet. I had planned on concocting something for supper so she pressed the easy button for me. And it was gooooood too.

The kids played for a bit then they left. Cindy also had brought over a couple movies for us to watch. Chris went out for coffee so I started watching Drillbit Taylor (Owen Wilson) before he came back. He came back about a third of the way through and we watched it. Carter fell asleep on the couch with me, but Cooper was playing on the computer. He loves playing on the Toopy and Binoo web site. Somehow, he zoomed in and the little gloved hand that acts as the pointer on the screen was humongous. For some reason unbeknownst to me, I went into a fit of laughter. I'm not sure if it was the movie that got me started, or just Cooper's reaction to the gigantic hand on the screen, and Chris's pointing it out. Either way, I giggled for awhile. Oh and the movie was pretty good. I hate bullies and it was good to see the little guys win. (Eventually.)

After we watched Drillbit Taylor, we watched Vantage Point (Dennis Quaid). Wow. I went from intense laughter to intense suspense. Excellent movie. Non-stop action. Very well put together. I loved it. Fantastic detail and excitement from beginning to end. Just Wow. I don't think I blinked for about two hours.

Cooper fell asleep at some point during the second movie and I just carried him to bed a few minutes ago. I've been reading a few blogs and having a few more chuckles. Now I'm getting sleepy so I'm off to bed soon.


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