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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Teddy Bear Picnic!

What a fun, fantastic family weekend!

This morning we got up (at Mom & Dad's) and gathered (almost) all our belongings and got ready to head home. You wouldn't believe the STUFF we bring for a one-day and/or a one-night excursion. Seems I forgot our cooler bag somewhere there, which I could have used for the picnic. ::Sigh::

We came home and hung out for awhile then got ready to go to the Teddy Bear Picnic. A few years ago a coworker of mine held one for her daughter's birthday party, then after the success, completely revamped and enlarged the event to make it a public event for the whole town. She found volunteers to help set up the completely free event. Now a few years later this has become a very popular occasion!

We brought Carter and Cooper and had a blast. I took a few pictures, and they will pretty much tell the story for me. Carter chose to have his face painted like a tiger but Cooper wasn't interested. The pony rides were surprisingly a big hit with both kids. After we were done (though there was still plenty of stuff to do!) we came home. Both boys were sound asleep by the time we got home. We transported them into the house to their designated napping areas and Chris and I watched a movie. The Eye with Jessica Alba. Sort of a thriller thing where this girl is blind from the time she is five years old, who goes in for a double cornea transplant. The donor had premonitions and died a horrible death, and the recipient immediately started having all the same visions. It was a bit weird but it was alright. The part I didn't like was how they portrayed the spirits that came to collect people when they died as very dark and angry. I figure they should be peaceful beings of light, but apparently in this story these beings are ticked off because they can be seen by this girl.

I had a little nap with Cooper after the movie for about a half an hour. I realized we were nearly out of milk so I did a quick Wal-Mart run. I picked up milk and soy milk, salad dressing (less than half the price at Safeway so I picked up extras), barbecue sauce (98 cents for least three times more at Safeway) so I grabbed four of those. Should get us through the rest of the summer! I also picked up some mini pizzas for the boys to munch on.

I came home and made myself a cold taco wrap using the leftover ground beef from the taco salad I made yesterday. Cooper seemed interested in trying it and had quite a few bites of mine. Carter got wind of the tasty snack and wanted some too, so I made one for the kids and fed it to them. Surprisingly, they ate the whole thing. I fell asleep cuddling Cooper and Carter was up pretty late. He was still up when I woke up and for awhile when I worked on a couple projects.

Here are a few shots of our fun day at the park:


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