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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Caffeine ROCKS

Well it's been AGES since I stayed up late and did some scrapping. And if I ever attempt anything on the computer while the kids are up I often have one of them on my lap. So last night I drank an extra large coffee. Carter ended up staying up until after two o'clock this morning. I finally pulled the pin and went to bed and brought him with or I'm thinking he would still have stayed up.

Today I had lunch with Mom and Auntie Lurdes and Kelly. We had Chinese buffet and it was gooooooood. I didn't eat supper because I just wasn't hungry yet. Now I'm getting the growlies but I'm going to ignore them and go to sleep right after I blog.

Work went by kind of slowly today. But I'm working on a big tedious project that has my attention whenever I'm not pulled in another direction. So far so good. I'm hoping to be finished it this week. After work it was crappy and rainy. Yeah, AGAIN. And AGAIN and AGAIN. Carter still wasn't feeling well most of the day and didn't eat anything. I brought the boys home and fed them a little kids' meal from Gerber. What a great little team. Cooper ate all the peas and Carter ate almost all the noodles aside from a few I gave to Cooper.

After supper we played and I managed to do a couple more pages.

After awhile when the boys were sleeping for awhile, I noticed a few flashes outside. Another thunder storm. And it turned into a real good one. I shut down the desktop computer and headed for bed with the laptop. There were a few loud claps of thunder I was sure would wake the boys but they just kept on sawing logs right through the whole storm.

So that was Wednesday. Now I'm off to bed. Oh. Just one more thing. I received a call from the hospital to book my mammogram appointment. So I can douse myself in caffeine for almost a month before I'll need to detox for my appointment. I don't need to make it hurt anymore than it already will!


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