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Saturday, July 19, 2008

That's the News and I AM OUTTA HERE!!!

Ahhhhhh. Let the sunshine commence. And stay. Non-stop. 'Til at least Christmas. (Pretty please?) I am officially on vacation. Chris just has that pesky half-day left then it's smooth sailin'. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I tried to get as much done as possible today so there wouldn't be too many loose ends or piles of stuff to do when I return.

After work I picked up the boys and stopped by Kelly's. She had a Pom-tini chilled on ice when I arrived and we went in her back yard and lounged in the gazebo. The kids had plenty of toys to play with and we had a relaxing visit. I was unwound in no time!

We came home and Chris was home. I had gone to the dollar store at lunch time with Kelly and picked up some cheapo toys and games to take camping. I grabbed some cool bubble wands with lots of holes in them and a long handle. They come with a dipping plate and they make zillions of bubbles at once. Cooper enjoyed trying it at the Teddy Bear Picnic a couple weeks ago, so it's cool we have them now. Except, he smacked his on the driveway and broke it within about three and a half minutes. ::sigh::

Carter was tired. I took Cooper with me to Canadian Tire and Wal-Mart. We needed an o-ring for the propane tank and milk. Oh and we stopped at the dollar store again so I could grab a few more of those bubble wand kits. Seriously cheap entertainment. For a buck-fifty, the kids are entertained for a long time or until it gets broken, whichever comes first! When I got home Carter was asleep. Not long before he went to sleep, he apparently succeeded in slamming his own thumb in the camper door. THE SAME THUMB AS BEFORE. Good Lord I'm going to get that kid some Kevlar gloves. He seemed fine much like last time. He never complained about it once all evening. What a trooper.

We never got around to supper tonight, but I was glad since we planned to go to the drive-in to see Wall-E. They have a great fast food counter with plenty of deep-fried goodness available. Chris ordered some sort of snack pack with cheese bites, egg rolls, fries, battered mushrooms and maybe some onion rings or something. It didn't last long enough for me to really have a good look ;). I ordered a couple hot dogs (with cheese and bacon! mmm) that I shared with Carter. We also had mozza sticks and battered mushrooms and popcorn. Dinner was SERVED! Seriously...going to the drive-in is as much about eating as it is about the movie!

The movie? Was adorable. (Theresa, I loved your review of it and our reactions to it were just like yours.)
Amazing how they can make a computer-generated robot so darned human-like (even without any conversations). He was 'humaner' than the humans in the movie. There had been no humans on Earth for seven hundred years because the planet was reduced to a wasteland. Humans were basically reduced to non-walking blobs that were electronically connected to their 'world' and floated around on hovercraft chairs. They sent regular probes back to Earth with the intention that if they found sustainable life again that they would return. Wall-E made a friend and it was really sweet. That's all I'm telling aside from the fact that it's really worth watching.

Carter sat up front on my lap and Cooper sat with Chris. But Cooper was fiddling and farting around too much with stuff with the freedom of not being confined to his car seat. Before the movie started he was really exploring. Then when he sat with Chris he kept trying to mess with the windows and door locks and at first it was cute he sort of pretended to be driving but then he kept honking the horn once he discovered it. He quickly got tired so I put him back in his seat. Which he wasn't completely thrilled with. So I crawled into the back seat and wedged my formerly-childbearing hips between the two car seats. Bear in mind that a Jeep Liberty is not any more spacious than the average small-to-mid-sized car. I felt like one of those humans in the movie.

Cooper insisted on sitting/lying ON me and in a few minutes he was awkwardly draped over my arm sleeping. I cuddled him for awhile then I smartened up and put him in his car seat once again. I moved Carter's booster seat to the front for him and once Chris tilted up the rearview mirror, I was much more comfortable with a much better viewpoint. We came home and I think Carter thought it was pretty cool to be outside (at midnight) in his pajamas. Oh and he's still up, nearly an hour later. These kids must take some marathon naps during the day!

One of my coworkers lent me the movie Calendar Girls today, (the movie is from a few years ago but I've never ever rented it) so I'm going to go to bed and see how many minutes I can stay awake to try and watch it.

Stay tuned for many more fun-filled vacation posts! :) :) :) :) :)


Blogger Angie said...

Have a Wonnnnnnnnnnderffffffffullllll time, my friend. You certainly deserve a break (today). Big Mac time!!!

Can't wait to see pics and hear stories!

Saturday, July 19, 2008 3:03:00 p.m.  

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