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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Back By Popular Demand

(Yes, popular...with my parents at least!) Thanks Mom and Dad! :)

Well, camping was great again. We took the bad weather with the good and had a great time. I forgot to mention on our first trip that Mom and Dad came to visit, and they stayed in our little camper and we had a good time, despite the rain!

The feasts were massive again. This time a fish fry, pork tenderloins by the truckload, chicken wings with homemade sauce (with just the right amount of spicy), and not one, but two turkeys and all the fixin's!

I actually even got out fishing one evening and caught three little walleyes that I released so that they'll be bigger the next time I catch them! And I do promise to post pictures but there are so many to go through so that will have to be my next post.

Today work was OMGSOFREAKINGBUSY! It was my first day back after being off those two weeks and first of all I had plenty of emails to catch up on, calls to answer, and in addition to my regular work and having to do month-end, I had to try to cover other departments for the staff that are now having their turns taking vacation! Ooooh, aaaaaaaand, we got a niiiiiiiiice new colour copier delivered today, so I worked with the technicians to set it up and learn the ropes on it. Good stuff.

I'm hoping tomorrow smooths out a bit but today was a good day. Chris cut the grass after work today, and of course the weather was beeeeyoooooteeeeeful on our first day back at work. The boys had a good day back at the sitter aside from Carter cutting the palm of his hand on a toy he fell on outside. We had pizza for supper and Cindy and I went to a funeral visitation this evening. Then we picked up her son Dominic from (OMG) his girlfriend's house!

They dropped me off and came in for a bit to visit. Then we realized we were out of soy milk so after they left I did a quick Wal-Mart run. Cooper was asleep when I got back but he got up for a drink of milk and Carter is still up at almost ten-thirty. Hopefully it won't be a late night. (And hopefully I'll be back in the full swing of blogging again!) Turns out the campground had internet, but it's somehow through the payphone in the laundry room and I never ended up using it. Believe it or not, I didn't miss the Internet on this last camping trip at all!

Oh, and when we came back from camping we did a beach trip the next day to Blue Lake. It was quasi-cloudy but a nice day, and I even took a quick dip in the lake. Again, I have pictures but I have some searching and sorting to do! :)


Blogger Angie said...

Girl. . .it is SOOOOO good to have you back. I missed you!!!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008 11:20:00 p.m.  

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