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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hooked On Camping Works For Me!

Saturday morning. Ten o'clock. I had just had a quick bath and then washed my hair. It was a beautiful day. I phoned Chris at work to ask if he wanted to go camping. Just one night since it was a regular weekend. I told him the campground had a spot for us and that I would have everything ready. He was game. I kicked it into high gear and got ready.

I gassed up the Jeep and grabbed a few groceries. Chris came home and showered and we coupled up the trailer to the Jeep and blasted off. Just a quick stop at Wal-Mart for a few more things and Tim Horton's and we were off and running. Since our last couple camping trips I have changed my fixation on French Vanilla Cappuccino to coffee. I've always enjoyed the occasional coffee but now I'm thinking about getting one of those one-cup thermal mug coffee makers with a timer so there would be a coffee waiting for me as I go out the door in the morning. In the meantime I've been jetting over to Timmy's in the morning.

So, back to camping...Saturday was gorgeous and we arrived at the campground around three. We checked in and drove down to the camp site area. We found Auntie Lurdes, Uncle Cliff, Auntie Josie and Uncle Bob right away and really surprised them that we showed up. They were also there with Guy and Marie, and Pete and Claudine had taken Guy and Marie out fishing. The Mackies were still there too and I think we surprised them as well. Everyone got together for supper once everyone returned from fishing. We had brought steaks so I had already started cooking. We had tenderloin steaks, sliced potatoes fried with onion, pan-fried mushrooms and coleslaw. We were stuffed. By the time we were done cooking and eating the big group was nearly done their fish fry.

After supper there was a guys' date to watch the big UFC fight on Mike's dish. The girls sat in the dining tent and visited. The kids were strewn about either with grandparents or wandering in and out of the campers. Cooper fell asleep on my lap and we set him up on a reclining lawn chair until we went back to our own camper. Carter fell asleep inside watching movies.

Sunday was even gorgeouser. Yeah, that's a word. haha. Chris went fishing with Mike and I made a whole bag of water balloons for the kids to play with down at the beach. The water level was lowered, making the beach more accessible than last time. The kids had a blast. I had a hard time keeping them sunscreened, but their shirts and shorts covered them fairly well, even if the sunscreen kept getting rinsed off. Or covered in sand and then rinsed off! I got plenty of Vitamin D myself and as a result have a pretty good tan; my first in about six years or so.

**Edited to add: Seems I forgot only ONE thing on this camping trip. Pull-ups. Oops. Cooper was in his pull-up until after supper Saturday then we braved taking it off (well we had to anyway!) and asked him to pee in the bushes! All was actually well. Both boys made it through the night with a dry bed. Then while I was cooking breakfast (eggs benedict and golden hash browns, by the way) he stood there by me and said, "Mom, I'm peeing." In. His. Clothes. That happened twice then I switched him to swim shorts and it just didn't matter anymore! He did great all day and a couple times told me before he had to pee! We're getting somewhere. And it's good.

We took a break from the beach and Shelly and I took the kids up to our camper and made some lunch. We had turkey wraps with flavoured cream cheese, chips and dip, veggies and dip, and crackers. Chris and Mike came back with a limit of fish each and headed off to clean them.

Just before supper we packed up and folded down the camper and went over to Mike and Shelly's camper for supper. We had a pile of burgers then the kids were wiped out. We put them in the Jeep and they both slept the whole ride home. We arrived at home and didn't bother opening the camper; most of the stuff we needed we had packed in the Jeep. Cooper stayed asleep but Carter got up for a few hours.

Monday evening I went on a bizarre cleaning rampage. Chris was over visiting the neighbours. I went around the house collecting all the laundry baskets of clean clothes. A couple in the kids' room, a pile in our room, and a few in the basement. I made a ginormous mountain in the living room and proceeded to go through and sort every single article of clothing. Stuff for the Salvation Army, stuff too big for Carter to keep for later, stuff that fits Carter, stuff too small for Carter that I'm keeping for Cooper, stuff that fits Cooper, stuff that is too small for Cooper for either giving away or selling to one of the consignment stores in town. Stuff that I didn't want anymore, stuff of Chris's and the biggest shitpile of socks this world has ever seen. I threw all of Chris's socks into his bin with his clothes he needs to sort through. I found 892673458724365 more socks of the boys' and mine. And in all of those freaking socks I found, there were very few matching. I still will need to go through dresser drawers all over to try to find matches. I'm forecasting that I will be keeping a few nice pairs for everyone and chucking the rest. Because I really don't feel like a career change to sock sorter.

Today was another nice day; I believe we've gone at least four days without rain in a row. That's got to be a record for the year. I sure wish we were camping again! We invited Mom and Dad over for some fresh walleye. Chris deep-fried some homemade fries. I breaded and fried the fish and we had corn and coleslaw too. I had also picked up a key lime pie for dessert. It was pretty good!

After the dishes were all said and done (thanks for the most part to Mom!) I went to the video store to grab a movie. I picked up two; Meet Bill and Knocked Up. Knocked Up isn't new but I haven't seen it yet. And since it has the same goofs as Superbad I thought it would be good for a few laughs. We watched Meet Bill with Mom and Dad. Both kids (all three of my boys actually) fell asleep during the movie. It was an okay movie. I normally like Aaron Eckhardt and this movie wasn't an exception. As his character evolved in the movie he got better and better. Mom and Dad left after the movie then we didn't stay up to watch the other movie. I'm about to crash but I really had to do some catching up here!

I haven't done any scrapping; I've barely touched the computer lately since our camping addiction began, even though the laptop goes wherever I go. But I will leave you with a few pictures I plan to scrap when I get my butt in gear!

Cooper Swinging Up a Storm - He gets the legs of this thing off the ground!

Carter Bathing in the Sand

Soggy Footprints from Chasing and Demolishing Water Balloons

Carter, Dawson and Cooper Soaking It All In.

Wow. This Boy is Made of Dirt!


Blogger Angie said...

You could *almost* make me want to take up camping. . . . almost.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008 9:21:00 a.m.  

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