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Friday, October 24, 2008

The Day Got Better

It didn't start well. When I got to Tim Horton's this morning, I eyeballed the drive-thru line-up and the one inside the store, weighing which would be faster. I parked the Jeep in a quick getaway spot and went inside. I ordered my coffee and chatted with a couple people and went back out to the Jeep. WITHOUT MY COFFEE. I didn't even wait for them to pour it. I paid and said goodbye. Duh! When I got to the Jeep I realized it and walked back in to get it, commenting along the way what a great start the day I had going for myself!

Work was fine today. Fairly quiet, a good catch-up day. Seija stopped in to see me and gave me a very pleasant surprise. She is going to be working in my office building when she starts her new job in a couple weeks! So that is very exciting but she is a very brave woman going back to work and starting a new job with a four-month old baby! It was great to see her and know that I'll be seeing more of her and soon!

Kelly invited me to come along for lunch with her and Gwen so I called Chris to see if he could take Carter to school so I could have the whole lunch hour. Chris was swamped at work and wasn't sure if he could get away. Then Alana called and said she was out with my boys and asked what they would eat at McDonald's. She was taking them for lunch and also offered to take Carter to school! Double YAY!!! So my lunch hour was great!

I left work a few minutes early to flex a bit of extra time I put in yesterday. I picked up the boys and took them downtown to try to get Cooper in for a haircut. We've tried three or four times this past week but the guy was very busy. So today was the day. Cooper's first haircut at the barber. He was very serious and very good sitting up in the big chair. Carter has been asking for another haircut ever since he had his done a week or two ago. So after he was done with Cooper, the barber put Carter back up in the chair for a quick trim and some gellin'.

We stopped to do my housesitting duties and to rent a couple movies on the way home. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Meet the Robinsons, and Monster House. We've seen the latter two already but the kids wanted them. Carter loved Monster House when it was on TV the other day. He made me draw it on the whiteboard. As you can see my drawing talents leave something seriously huge to be desired. Everything shown he asked me to draw.

We came home from the video store and instead of doing pizza night we ordered Chinese food. I had some baking to drop off at the church for Mom for this weekend's bazaar and bake sale, so I went to the church then to pick up the food, which was ready very quickly. It was also very delicious. Breaded shrimp (not the big puffy battered kind), the ever-present-Chinese-food-staple rice, chicken balls (the big puffy battered kind), and mixed vegetables. The kids barely ate anything. I thought they'd be all over the chicken balls. Carter had one and Cooper had two mouthfuls of rice with a small slice of carrot in the midst of it.

After supper, (well during it actually) the kids watched Monster House. A little later I had to do a quick Wal-Mart run to print some pictures. I did some baby announcements and decided to print them there instead of taking forever to do them at home. I managed to get out of Wal-Mart without spending a hundred bucks. But I made it halfway to a hundred because I couldn't resist picking up some more Bakugan toys for the kids; these ones I am saving for Christmas. Hopefully.
I had planned to go to Tim Horton's to pick up coffee for Chris and myself, but I didn't want to come home and get all comfy and go back out again just to pick up the pictures. As I was leaving the Wal-Mart parking lot, I figured I'd go grab a couple extra coffees and visit Uncle Cliff and Auntie Lurdes. As I navigated the parking lot, who should be there but Uncle Cliff, Auntie Lurdes, Uncle Bob and Auntie Josie. So instead of going through the drive-thru, I went inside and had a visit with them until it was time to pick up my pictures. I chatted with Uncle Ross for a second too before I left. I did remember to grab the coffees this time and darted over to Wal-Mart one final time for the pictures before heading home. Carter was asleep but Cooper stayed up a bit longer after I got home. We put on the Indiana Jones movie and Chris only lasted maybe half an hour, just a few minutes longer than Cooper. I watched bits and pieces of the movie; I'm sure we'll watch it together tomorrow night so I'll be able to catch the parts I missed.
Oh and last night I also did a Wal-Mart run. I needed to pick up a few amenities, but I did have some premeditated desire to purchase a new camera. Mine still works, but the battery door has gotten a bit worn from so much use removing and replacing the memory card and battery so often and it sometimes pops open if you don't hold it just right. So I got an amazing deal on a new one that is very similar. A few more megapixels and a three-inch display. Niiiiiice. Plus an image stabilizer and some new features I'll have to read about in the manual. I totally could have gotten away with pretending it is my old one. Even when I showed Chris some pictures on it today, surprisingly he didn't notice. I offered him the old one so now he's digitally armed and ready too.
Okay, that's it. I'm toast. Tomorrow I'm going out with Cindy and her girls and Kelly and some girls from the office to a school fundraiser auction. Sounds like a good time!


Blogger Angie said...

Sounds like a phenomenal Friday, my friend.

Saturday, October 25, 2008 8:46:00 a.m.  

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