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Monday, February 15, 2010

Family Day

Today was ''Family Day''. It's a newfangled semi-statutory holiday around these parts. Most things were closed, including Wal-Mart and the grocery stores and many other businesses including Chris's workplace. Mine, on the other hand, was open. There were six of us there today. It was a great day to get caught up on things since there were very few phone calls and very little foot traffic coming in.

Since Chris was staying home with the boys (oh yeah, no school either), I had an easy getaway this morning. I had plenty of time to go get a coffee and brought one home to Chris before I headed to work. The morning was flying by when Chris and the boys stopped in to bring me...a coffee! I came home for lunch at one and had lunch and a visit with the boys. I walked in the door and OMGCOOPERWASVACUUMING! Cooper seems to love the vacuum; I foresee this coming in really handy once he gets a little taller. ::wringing hands hatching evil plan to con children into helping with housework:: He was quite peeved when we asked him to shut it off and he was ordering me to go back to work. I actually set the microwave timer and sneaked into my room for a quick catnap. Twenty minutes later I was headed back to work.

The afternoon zoomed much like the morning did; by the end of the day I felt like I had just arrived. It's amazing how much work one can get done without phones ringing or people coming in! I came home after work and Chris left right away to go fishing for a couple hours. The boys and I munched on leftover pizza for supper and watched Zathura for the quadrillionth time. Mom and Dad stopped in for a quick visit on their way home from Cindy and Bob's house.

Chris came home and now we're just having a quiet evening watching TV. Both boys are sleeping. Dare I attempt to do a scrapbook page?


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