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Friday, February 15, 2013

Day Three

Friday, Sweet Friday. And a long weekend to top it off! Family Day is Monday and after the past couple chilly months, a long weekend sweetens the deal. I'm hoping for mild enough weather (particularly on Monday for the Family Day festivities) to take the kids sliding. I'm sure Chris would take them anyway, but I'm the indoor girl and would prefer playing outside if it's nicer out.

Today was day three of no Facebook. I have to say it's quite liberating, though I do still think about it a few times a day. Every time I want to look someone up or find a phone number the easy way, or just when I find a random time to check in, I miss it a bit. But I'm wasting far less time than usual, and managed to watch a whole movie this evening without even touching my laptop!

Chris worked until noon today and stayed home for the afternoon. I came home at lunch and had a bit of a nap. After work I picked up milk and bread, (then the kids), and came home to supper on the go. Chris cooked chicken in mushroom soup (with tasty assorted spices he didn't divulge), veggies with cheese, and rice. We had a delicious dinner then watched a movie. Cooper's choice was Evan Almighty. That one is always good for a few laughs.

Next we watched Next. Cindy came to visit while she was waiting for assorted teenagers to decide their plans for the evening. Both boys had a bath and smelled heavenly when they cuddled us before falling asleep. The movie just ended. Everyone else is sleeping. I might just go surf on Pinterest for awhile before I go to sleep too.

I saw this phrase on Pinterest and it made me laugh so I made my own. Graphics are from Theresa Hernandez' Sunshine on Wildflowers kit and Helena Jole's Masks and Mats. I started noticing a few years ago that I'm turning into my mother. :)


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