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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Last night I made one more Valentine card. I usually make one of the two boys to give to the Grandparents, Aunties and a couple others. Here it is. I got the idea on another web site and recreated it.
This morning I awoke to flowers. FLOWERS! And instead of a Valentine's card, there was an iTunes card. Best Valentine's Day card EVER! :) It's been ages since my hubby bought me flowers. I think the last time he did, he asked me to stop at the florist to pay for them on my way home from work. I was telling the girls at work I got flowers and one of them asked, "From who?" I laughed. It was a legitimate question.

Last month, our free cable TV offer ended. I didn't happen to notice on last month's bill they were notifying me it was ending. So this week I got a bill for all the channels we were getting free for the year. Yikes. I called to whine and complain and fortunately they met me in the middle and fixed the bill a little to reduce the programming on the bill. I cancelled the cable again (we survive on Netflix and barely watched the cable even when it was free). I turned in the cable box to the cable company. The very next evening, I got a call from the cable company to review my cable subscriptions. I told the guy I just finished returning the box and cancelling the cable TV and that we still stayed subscribed to cable internet. He obviously knew this, and was calling to make another offer. Cable for $9.95 for three months, including an HD PVR!

Installation was this morning. Wow they move fast! Unfortunately the package only includes channels 2-22, which is just the basic networks. But I still went for it to try out the PVR. While the cable guy was here, he was compelled to tell me that if we upgrade to 'classic cable' for only $20 more, we get all the channels back, including the 50 HD channels. I though what the heck; three months of cable for less than the price of one month of what we would have paid. So, we have cable again for three months. We'll see how much we watch it. I will be paying attention to the bills so I know when this offer ends. I'd hate to see the bill for what all of it would cost at full price! I hope I find something I'll want to record; we can record two shows at once. Very groundbreaking for me. I love new gadgets!

After work I came home right away and started making supper. I just received a box of nice veggies and fruit at the office. There is a healthy living food box I signed up for and today was the day for it. There were apples, bananas, oranges, carrots, celery, avocado, grapefruit, beans, pasta, tomatoes, peppers, onions, potatoes, kiwis, (there may have been other items too). I decided to use my new Epicure mandoline slicer to slice the carrots and cook them in my new Epicure steamer I hadn't tried yet. I already had the chicken breasts baking in the oven when I started slicing carrots.

I didn't realize until it was too late that the heel of my hand was closer to the blade than the end of the carrot was. Oops. I took a little chunk off my hand. It was a clean little slice and didn't even bleed right away. I washed my hands again and put on a bandaid and continued slicing (more carefully) once I made sure the blade was clean and didn't have any pieces of me in it!

Supper turned out great. We had mashed potatoes. I usually use milk and butter and cheese in the potatoes, but I used the last of the milk in the gravy. Instead of milk I used some chip dip. Heluva Good dip worked great with the cheese and butter!

After supper a few of my girlfriends picked me up to go to the hospital to visit our friend and her new baby. She had a beautiful baby girl and we all took turns having baby cuddles and sharing baby stories. We always have a good time. I just got home and figured I'd hit the blog again in hopes of inspiring myself to continue. (Yes, I admit it's partly an outlet for me in the absence of Facebook!) That's it for now; I'm already looking forward to the weekend.


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