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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Dashing Through the Snow!

Well we're finally getting a bit more snow. Quite a bit, actually. It snowed pretty much the whole day there are still a few flakes gracefully floating down. Of course tomorrow is Chris's day to go to Ignace; hopefully the highway will be good and clear by then.

Last night I dyed my roots again. Gosh my hair grows quickly when I don't really want it to. But after I rinsed it and had a shower, I fell asleep with Carter watching a movie, and didn't do anything with my hair again.

Chris woke me up when he left for work, and I got up and re-wet my hair, blew it dry and started getting myself ready. Both boys were up early and I gave them breakfast while I got ready. Cooper loves being in the bathroom with me, and as I've mentioned, gets into EVERYTHING. I had my flat iron for my hair up on the counter and he reached up and grabbed it. Yikes. I didn't see any marks on his fingers; I wasn't sure exactly how much he had touched it but by his crying I figured he was hurt or that it scared him terribly.

He settled by the time we left and seemed okay when I dropped him off at the babysitter's house. I went to work and had a typical day. Chris called and was very hungry close to lunch time and I was just figuring I wouldn't bother going out in the snowstorm, but he wanted me to bring lunch. No big deal; I looooooooove driving my Jeep in the snow!

I ran to Subway and grabbed subs and went to my eyebrow wax appointment. I brought lunch to Chris and he actually took the time to stand still for a couple minutes and eat lunch with me. That's rare.

After work I picked up the boys and had another look at Cooper's hand. It seemed okay and didn't seem to be bothering him. We came home and when Chris got home, he shoveled the whole driveway. He's gonna curse the grader when it comes down our street and makes a bank in front of our driveway again. Carter was excited about the new snow and wanted to go outside. Chris gave the okay and I bundled Carter up and sent him out. They played out there for quite awhile. I fed Cooper some cheesy macaroni and made some for Carter when he came back in. Chris had leftover lasagne again from the other day. Upon closer inspection of Cooper's fingers in better lighting, it looks like he got a real grip on the flat iron and there are a couple sort of blistery parts. Poor kid. I mean, I was RIGHT THERE! It still doesn't seem to be bothering him; he still grabs stuff with both hands.

We watched American Idol (again!) - Why does this show have to be on more than one night a week? I seem to be adding it to my "must watch" list these days, along with Desperate Housewives, Earl, and ER. Hmph. It was really good tonight too.

Cooper went to bed fairly late then got up shortly after squirming and crying nonstop.
I wasn't sure what his problem was. I cuddled him, sang to him, walked around cuddling him...gave him some Tylenol...nothing worked. I figured he had a tummyache so I also gave him some gripe water after a bit. Still, he was inconsolable. It was getting late and I was tired, and with his crying and writhing, he was hard to hold onto. So I decided to try giving him a bath, which he usually loves. It was like pure magic. As soon as he saw the water running he started to settle down. He played and splashed for quite awhile before I pulled the plug. I put him in his jammies and within minutes he was sleeping. Heavy sigh.

It's getting pretty late but Chris brought me a FVC so I still have some steam. Six o'clock will be here soon so I'd better haul ass to bed. By the way, I've done no digiscrapping lately...just a couple other little projects I've been working on. Maybe I'll come up with something on the weekend.


Blogger Helen Hancock said...

Have a great weekend Melly...hope you get to do some scrapping!

Thursday, February 22, 2007 11:29:00 p.m.  

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