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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Dow Ibe All Stuffed Ub

I took one more round of Robaxacet this morning and felt progressively better all day. But now my sinuses are all wonky and it sounds like I have a cold. Weird thing is, I don't really feel like I have a cold. I can even breathe through both nostrils but I sound all stuffy. Mind you, I did do a fair bit of sneezing today, so this is likely the beginning of a lovely cold.

Kelly and I went for lunch at Tim Horton's today. That rocked. And we had another birthday cake at coffee break this afternoon. Woohoo! And there are about three office birthdays in March. This is awesome. Today's cake was a delicious cranberry cake with this warm buttery glaze that was poured over top. Soooooooooo good.

My darling coworker Kathy brought me this amazing chicken lasagne this morning for us to have for supper. Since it's still so dang cold out and it was frozen already, we just took it from her vehicle and put it in mine for the day.

I picked up the boys from the sitter. Carter was bitten on the hand by one of the little girls there. I was hoping it would give him some perspective on how it feels to be hurt by someone else, and make him understand that it's not nice to hurt or hit or kick or push other kids, namely his baby brother. But we had to talk to him 27834659283756 times this evening alone for wailing on Cooper. Really. Wailing on him. Punching him repeatedly on the back/top of the head for one. God I pray they end up being buddies someday, 'cause I don't want to always be a referee. Welcome to the world of boys?

So the lasagne was fabulous - I'm going to try making it myself sometime. This evening we read "Hop on Pop" a zillion times amid scolding Carter for whacking his brother. Both boys went to sleep within the past hour or so and I'm about ready to crash myself. I watched most of Veronica Mars and now I think I'm going to hit the pillow.


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