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Monday, March 12, 2007

Beth Brought Bread!!!

Here is a layout I did of Beth's and my visit the other day. I've gotten a few comments on it at some of the various galleries I post at, but this one stood right out from Thena at Digishoptalk:

How was I to know
When I signed online
That I would meet you
And you would be
Such a great friend of mine?
How did it happen
That when we finally
Met face to face
It was a long time friend
That I was to embrace?

That's been my favourite comment to really sums it up! And today, while I was gone for lunch, Beth stopped in at my office and brought me a fresh, soft, wonderful loaf of homemade bread! I can't believe I wasn't there! Thank you Beth! It was great and my hubby went nuts over it!

Yesterday Chris took Carter fishing again, but not at my parents' house this time. He went with a bunch of people and Carter had a BLAST! They stayed out all afternoon and part of the evening. Chris brought him home soaking wet and asleep. He didn't even wake when we peeled off his wet boots, socks and snowpants. I slipped a pull-up on him and chucked him in his tent with a warm fluffy duvet. He was damp and cold, but only moments later was all toasty and warm. If that were me I'd still be shivering! My kids are both warm sleepers!

Some time in the afternoon I (finally) heard from Angie and she had discovered the blog post with the Beth visit. I got just the reaction from her that I had hoped for..."Hey, that looks like Beth holding Cooper....HEY THAT'S BETH AND MELANY!!!" Seems as though Angie would have loved to be there with us, but not as much as we wanted her to be with us. Can't wait to have a full-on Butternug Squash reunion. If it ever happens there will be no shortage of squishy hugs and tears and screaming and, well, complete and utter silliness. I can't wait.

Another noteworthy item of yesterday was Cooper's addition of not one, but TWO NEW TEETH!!! There was a top one that was visible through his gums but not cutting through for quite some time, but it was a sneaky little one on the bottom that made it through first. Then later in the day the top one peeked out too. So now he has SEVEN teeth! Wow!

Not much else is going on around here. All the shows are reruns now until May sweeps so I might just get a little more scrapping done. I need to scan in some old pictures and get busy.

I was very excited to find I've had over TWO THOUSAND hits on my blog this week, only of course because of the new scrapbooking graphics freebie I posted. It's always cool to see people from so many countries from all over the world coming to my blog anyway! And there have been almost six hundred downloads of my new freebies. How fun.

The time change really screwed up bedtime around here. I just got Cooper down about fifteen minutes ago and in the morning I just want to sleep in 'cause it seems like six-thirty gets here way faster now. Well I'm still feeling pretty awake, so I'm gonna try to do some scrapping.


Blogger Helen Hancock said...

Scrap chick is back! Great LO and blog Melly

Monday, March 12, 2007 10:33:00 p.m.  
Blogger Angie said...

Love this new layout. Cooper makes quite a cute little potato head!

And, I love, love, love the poem by Thena. She's pretty cool about those things!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007 3:45:00 p.m.  

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