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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Summer Hours

What? It's Tuesday already? And May is just about toast? Crikey.

Yesterday was a typically busy Monday at the office. I picked up the boys and came home. As I was cooking spaghetti for supper, I did a VERY quick Wal-Mart and video store run. I'm sure if there were a Guiness time record for doing those two errands, I'd be in the book.

Despite all the shopping I did on the weekend I had forgotten to pick up baby butt wipes and chocolate syrup. So I made a beeline in Wal-Mart for those two items and only those two items and got the heck outta there. Next stop was the video store. I returned the two movies from the weekend and picked up another called "Memory".

We hung out and watched TV after supper then when I tried to get the boys to sleep so we could watch the movie, I ended up falling asleep in the tent quite likely before Carter did. Cooper had cuddled up to me and fallen asleep shortly before. So Chris attempted to watch the movie but also fell asleep. **Note to self: Don't rent movies on a "school" night or else rent them for a whole week.**

I was peacefully snoozing away and had moved to my own bed when at approximately two o'clock I could hear Cooper crying. I tried to let him go back to sleep on his own but his cry was persistent so I had to check him out. He was fine, but WIDE awake. I actually managed to cuddle him back to sleep within about twenty minutes and went back to bed.

Exactly to the minute, one hour later, Cooper was up again. This time it took wayyyyyyy longer for him to settle back down. About 4:30 I could hear the freaking birds starting to chirp. Birds really are lovely creatures, but I'm not supposed to be up as early as they are. Shortly after I noticed the world waking up, so did Carter. Crikey! He wandered over to the other couch and just fell asleep. Whew. Just one kid to get back to bed still. Eventually Cooper fell asleep and I was able to have one final "nap" before Chris woke me up in the tent with Cooper to tell me it was six freaking o'clock already.

At some point in the night I had realized it was ALL MY FAULT that Cooper was up. Around suppertime, I went to give the boys some juice but we were out. Chris had made some fairly weak iced tea so I gave the boys a little each. BIG MISTAKE. Carter was no problem - he likely got a caffeine buzz when he first drank it, but Cooper is like my sister...seems caffeine bothers him about eight hours after ingestion. So, under NO circumstances are my boys to have caffeine. Ever. Silly me for not remembering that little important piece of information about my kids.

I made myself get up and get ready since I'm working a half-hour earlier now for the summer. Both boys were of course sleeping after all that middle-of-the-night partying. I managed to have a shower, dry and iron my hair, get my "gameface" on, get dressed, lay out clothes for the boys and prepare their breakfast, all before they got up. I fed them and dressed them and we actually made it out of the house with no major issues, and I got to work on time for my first day of "summer hours".

The morning went just as quickly as usual, and it it nice to prepare everything at work a half hour before most people get there. At lunch I brought Chris some leftover spaghetti and I came home for a brief nap. I went back to work and the afternoon was fine. Despite my lack of sleep I was having a fantastic day. After work I picked up the boys and came home. I had no imagination of what to make for seems like there is no food in the house even after all that shopping on the weekend. Seems as though I purchased more household supplies than food.

But after Chris came home I got creative and cooked up some pre-cooked grilled chicken breast strips (the brand-name is "Jane's"...very good product). They would make a great chicken Caesar salad or wrap or even a stir-fry and it's a pretty good value. I cooked some Stove-Top stuffing and some veggies and dinner was served. Easy peasy. And the boys ate it up. There is a bit more chicken left too I can make the boys some sandwiches with tomorrow.

This evening I finished my first layout for Nina's CT using her "Friends" kit available at Natural Designs in Scrapbooking and O-Scraps. I also used her "Frame It" frame pack available at both stores as well. You can click on the image to enlarge it and click HERE see the credits.

It's only 10:45 but I'm fried and six o'clock will be here before I know it! Hopefully Carter (yes the little turkey is still up) will want to hurry up and go camp out so I don't go to sleep before he does again.


Blogger Helen Hancock said...

Crikey alright...Wednesday is just about "fried" (everything revolves around food on this blog!) here. I don't know how you cope with those boys of yours.....thank god my kids sleep well! May the force be with you.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007 1:39:00 a.m.  
Blogger hluebner said...

Butt wipes, chocolate syrup and JUICE! You forgot again!

Crikey? Too much Croc Hunter? Or not enough?

And where do you find the time to do all this stuff?

Wednesday, May 30, 2007 10:10:00 a.m.  
Blogger Angie said...

You are amazing, my dear! I'm not sure if that many people run to the big "W" for butt wipes and chocolate syrup! : )

Wednesday, May 30, 2007 8:52:00 p.m.  

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