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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Bubbles, Bubbles EVERYWHERE!!!

Yesterday was a great day. It wasn't too bad outside...not cold or rainy which was nice. We had planned to go by boat to Kathy and Dan's place with Sandi and the weather cooperated enough. I think it was Cooper's first boat ride (OMG what a terrible mother and scrapbooker I am. I have no pictures of the event!)

It wasn't a long ride and we arrived at the camp. It was nice despite the few brief appearances the sun tried to make. The kids had a blast playing down by the lake and on the tire swings. Now this, I have pictures of...

We had a fantastic supper. Steak, salad, cheesy macaroni casserole, creamy vegetables and fantastic desserts. I had the mint ice cream pie. I think they called it grasshopper pie. I must make this. The other ice cream pie had pineapple and orange. Delicious stuff! We had a wonderful afternoon with Kathy, Dan, Kaitlin, and Sandi. Dan and Kaitlin brought us back to the yacht club around eight. The boys had a full day with very short naps so they were ready for bed when we got home. The fireworks were taking place last night instead of Canada Day, but I didn't feel like waking and dressing the boys again so we decided to skip it. I missed watching the show, but there's always next year. I could hear the odd boom boom of the fireworks right from our house.

Today was beeeeeeeeyooooooooteeeeeeeeful! Though I didn't realize that fact until I got my butt in gear. Mom stopped by after her lunch date and I had a shower and did my hair and stuff. I took both boys for a Wal-Mart run while Chris was scraping and painting the window trim on the house. I came back with milk and pull-ups and sunscreen, hair dye, makeup...almost sixty bucks. Not too too bad. I did a grocery store stop too to pick up stuff to make taco salad for supper. They had everything except for the tortilla bowls so I had to improvise.

I came home and the boys played outside for awhile. I made some water balloons that were very short-lived. Chris needed some Varsol for the few paint drops that escaped the brush and landed on the siding. Oops. Overall I was actually impressed that he took the time to tape around the windows so a few drops here and there were no big deal. I took Cooper and picked up the Varsol, more water balloons, and some tortilla wraps for supper.

I managed to corral the boys into the house so I could cook supper and Chris could keep painting. I browned ground beef to make tacos and I drained it and let it cool. I sprinkled the taco seasoning on it and diced up some tomatoes, green onions and lettuce. Chris came in after awhile and we had cold taco wraps. A great idea for a hot day like today. I made wraps for the boys and Chris and we had a nice cool supper. I emptied the dishwasher and Chris cleared the supper dishes and started up the dishwasher. I was in the living room with the boys. Carter and Cooper were playing and Cooper disappeared into the kitchen. When I went in to follow him, I saw this HYUUUUGE foaming monster coming toward me on the kitchen floor. I hollered for Chris, who was outside. I went outside to holler at him more, asking "WHAT DID YOU PUT IN THE DISHWASHER??!!??"

My dear, sweet husband, instead of mentioning to me the last time he ran the dishwasher that we were out of dishwasher soap, decided to use "a little" dish liquid soap instead. OMG. There were suds EVERYWHERE. It wasn't too easy to laugh about it at first. Chris had no idea that would happen. I thought it was hilarious...I mean...hasn't everyone seen this happen in the movies? I distinctly remember a scene from "Mr. Mom" with Michael Keaton where there were suds everywhere...and this was just like that. I grabbed all the towels from the bathroom and started mopping up the mess. I asked Chris again how much he used and he "didn't quite fill" the soap dispenser. Oy. Usually Chris asks me if we have any more of something but this time he didn't. I had another box of dishwasher tabs in the cupboard. I said "Always ask your wife!!!" I ran the dishwasher with some real dishwasher detergent and after a few cycles the suds subsided. It's officially funny now. And boy are those dishes clean! The worst part of this? Now there's a very big clean spot on the kitchen floor and I'm going to have to scrub the rest of it to make it match the clean spot!

After the soap fiasco I did a garbage run and tried to go to get a 12x18 picture printed at the drugstore. They were out of 12x18 paper. Ugh. I tried Wal-Mart but the only print up to 8x10. That surprised me. And I had sent an order of prints online but their server has been down all day. I was out of luck in the photo printing department! I could see a gnarly storm brewing on the horizon headed toward me. I stopped at Tim Horton's and that's when the storm arrived. It was a dark and stormy night. Seriously! I did a very fast drive-by for Kelly and came home.

Carter was asleep when I got home. Cooper was up for a little longer then he stretched himself out on the floor and passed out. I chatted a little with Angie and I got a message from Jill that my Carter layout was selected by Miss Mint as the gallery winner for May, and I received a $10 gift certificate for Peppermint Creative! It's still my favourite layout I've ever done and I'm very proud that it was noticed and mentioned in Miss Mint's newsletter since she is one of my favourite designers. Here it is again...

I also started working on a layout using this picture of Carter that I've been wanting to scrap. It ended up being very simple. I only used one paper and blended the picture and added some minimal text. I really like it.

Since I went to Tim Horton's and I had my FVC, I'm not sleepy. That, and I slept in this morning pretty late. But I'm going to try to head for bed so we can have a fun day tomorrow. I just have to hope for some good weather so we can take the boys to the park!


Blogger Helen Hancock said...

Congrats Melly it was a wonderful LO....great extraction! I love the new explore LO as well - great melding. Anyways...sounds like you are getting out and about in nice weather which is good to see. Funny story about the dishwasher (LOL) how many times does your man stack the d/washer? LOL Not often enough obviously.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007 5:41:00 p.m.  

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